Unmasking Your Helpful Self

Unmasking Your Helpful Self

It is SO hard to remain somewhat sane and productive when every day is the same as the day before. Talk about Groundhog’s Day! It was great fun to watch on the screen but not so fun to experience it in real life. To help get myself through I heard to make masks, so masks I made. I lost count on how many masks I have made and have resigned myself to make more if needed.

Last Friday I stopped by a Post Office that I rarely go to as I was running some errands and it was convenient. I really love this little Post Office – small and efficient! I like that. At the counter, I noticed the clerk, Tiffany, was wearing a thin, flimsy paper mask – the kind that is meant to be worn once and tossed. This particular mask looked like it had seen a day or three, or more. The elastic was stretched, the nose piece was missing but it was covering her nose and mouth and providing some protection. Something is better than nothing…right? Long story short – I was going to deliver a mask to her on the following Monday.

Monday comes and it is just beautiful outside. The weather could not have been more pleasant and I was looking forward to getting out of the house for a spell. My husband decided he would like to take the drive with me and we decide to grab some take-away and have lunch outside somewhere. We drive the twenty minutes to the Post Office to drop off the mask and when we get there we discover a line.  GREAT! This is going to take a while, lunch will wait.

So I get my gear on – mask, gloves, glasses – and go to stand in line. Feeling a little rushed for time, I ask the three other people if they would mind if I jumped ahead in line since I just had masks to drop off and was not doing any business. They were all very nice and had no problem with my request. However, when I looked in through the window I noticed that Tiffany was not at the counter and there were three more people inside – one shaking her head that no, I could not jump ahead of her. Okay, now what? Drop the masks with the other clerk – that makes sense. To the back of the line I go and I am content knowing that I am going to be standing in line for a bit. I was fine with the waiting, as I said it was a beautiful day out and my husband was reclining in his seat enjoying the warmth of the sun. After standing in line for about five minutes I heard, “Turn around” inside my head. What? Turn around? Why? Okay, fine, I turn around and there is someone walking up to the back door. Hey! I recognize that lady! So I say loudly, “Tiffany?” and sure as the sun was shining brightly in the sky, Tiffany turns and starts walking toward me! I deliver the masks and head on my way. Easy! I was finished with my errand in five minutes and enjoyed a semi-normal moment with my husband having lunch at an empty neighborhood gazebo.

Your Helpful Self is always present, always guiding. We just need to take to time to listen and follow. Try going with the flow of Your Helpful Self and see where you can save time and ease frustrations in your life. Right now is a great time to Pause For Your Helpful Self!

Lisa H.
Pause Crew Member

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