365 Pause Practices – Day 76


How Can I Help the

Ukrainians and Russians?

“You can love.” This is the answer I receive when I Pause for Inspiration,
asking, “How can I help the Ukrainians and Russians?” Perhaps your
question is somewhat different, so ask your question.

I feel out of my comfort zone watching the travesty that is transpiring
before all of our eyes as I am sitting in the comfort of my home with
water, food, electricity, luxury; everything I need, and everything I don’t
need. Yet, I am suffering with and for the Ukrainian and Russian people.

“How do I love,” I ask my Inner Helper. “To relieve suffering, love
everyone in your midst; first love those in your home, those with who
work, any on the street, those whose faces you see, those who cross
your mind ~ love.” Whether in thoughts, words, and/or actions ~ love.

For in loving these, you love and help the people of
Ukraine and Russia.

How Can Upset and Suffering Be a Catalyst for Helping Others and Ourselves at the same time?


I can vent upset, but then what? Suffering can leave me feeling dispirited, helpless, abandoned, with nowhere to turn. I feel my feelings, then instead of getting lost in my upset and suffering, I am willing to Pause for my calm, quiet mind.


As I see the images of war and suffering and hear the sounds of fear in people’s voices and tears, I am willing to Step Back, to give some space from my reactions, so LOVE and WISDOM have room to enter. Breathe.


Rather than clinging to my way and resisting the Wise Help available to me within, I am willing to Step Aside to welcome and receive direction on how I can help. I ask, “What would be truly helpful now?

LET INSPIRATION GUIDE ~ This is what I am receiving for me. What are you receiving for you? Listen and follow Wisdom.

  • I am guided to inspire the dispirited in my midst; letting LOVE lead.
  • I am guided to make a donation. I will pause for whom to donate to.
  • I am guided to not be afraid to have conversations with people; not political bantering, but genuine sharing of our experiences even though they may differ. This just happened on my walk! Walking by another woman, we paused to say “Hello” and she raised the topic! So grateful for this exchange.
  • I am guided to pray for EVERYONE involved, that includes Americans and the rest of the world.
  • I am guided to keep listening for how to see this world with LOVE and be of service in ways seen and unseen; this includes my thoughts and judgments.


Let’s not get lost in the
We are the light of the world.
Be the light.

As I remember this, I am being guided to address any lingering “war” with myself; what inner conflicts are pulling on me that I need to look at and draw nearer to Inner Present LOVE for help forgiving myself.






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