365 Pause Practices – Day 78


Not Enough Time?

I feel like I have been fighting with the clock since I first became aware of the clock. When I was a little girl and needed to become aware of time to begin attending first grade, I asked my mother:

Who came up with this time thing anyway?

Time is for healing. When you realize this, and you will, once
you begin practicing PAUSE, life will change.
Life will change because the mind living your life will have changed.
(page 6 Pause Yellow Book)


We hear about the importance of “being present”. What does that mean? Shall I take out my stopwatch and start timing my being present? Shall I set a goal to be present for the next 10 seconds, 5 minutes, 20 minutes, 1 hour, all day?

  • Do you need to sit down to be present or do you need to stand up?
  • Do I have to tell someone else to shut up so I can be present?
  • Do I have to find a special place to be present?
  • Does the body have to be in a special position to be present?
  • What is the deal anyway? Does anyone know how to be present?

Yes. Your Inspired Heart∞Mind knows and is fully present. Practicing Pause is one way to experience your Inspired Heart∞Mind as a way of being present. (page 70 Pause Yellow book)


Take a Breath

Give a moment now.

Take a breath.

Acknowledge that you are slowing down to pause.

Take a breath.

Accept the background sounds as is; no need to push them away.

Take a breath.

Notice being surrounded by a quiet calm.

Take a breath.

Open to receive even the slightest sense of Peace within your mind.

Take a breath.

It’s okay to have mental chatter; no need to push it away.

Take a breath.

Simply let Peace share Peace with you. No effort.

Take a breath.

Continue pausing ~ receive Peace for as long as you choose.





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