365 Pause Practices – Day 82


The Land of Inspiration

resting in the space connecting two breaths is a pause.

What’s in that pause? Your Inspired Heart∞Mind whom
carries with it an Inspired heightened awareness of PEACE.

pg. 212 ~ download pause book

The PEACE we seek. Stop seeking. Start finding.

Inspiration hears our sounds of willingness and enters into our thoughts, conversations, to-do lists, on and on. Why wouldn’t Inspiration want to companion us through our everyday life stuff? We need help. I do!

Without Inspiration, life is boring at best and
routine maintenance at worst with a coupon here and there!

Strategic Planning Without Pause ~ Ugh

On Sunday Pause had a strategic planning meeting. Honestly, I did not have high hopes for this meeting. In my cubicle/ego line of thought I figured we’d talk about the same old stuff, have some good ideas, but that would be the end of it. I’d leave feeling like my to-do list just got longer.

Strategic Preparation with a Pause

I practiced “The 4 Decisions” Pause Practice right before our Pause Strategic Planning meeting in hopes of undoing my hopelessness!

  • I walked into the meeting feeling hopeful and ready for things to SHIFT.
  • I stepped back from past experiences of previous meetings.
  • I decided there must be Another Way.
  • I stayed open every moment to possibilities,
  • I remained calm in the pause.
  • I listened

WOW!!!!!!!!! No accident that everyone was ready for a shift into being TRULY HELPFUL.

Dayna, the planner, used the words “Strategic Preparation” (instead of “planning”) right off and I knew at the deepest level of my being that she had applied Pause in her preparation for our meeting. She was organized, open, loving, listening, focused, and supportive; inspiring us all to reach inside for our Inspiration.

At the meeting’s end, I had an Enthusiastic, Creative Spirit about a new Pause endeavor. Can’t wait to begin.





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