365 Pause Practices – Day 106


Rebelling Against What

We Do Not Grasp

When I first received Pause For Inspiration, I rebelled against it.
Its purpose was a mystery to me; I didn’t understand its
unambiguous presentation, its simplicity. I was educated
(too much so), deeply immersed in all kinds of worldly studies
and studies of truth and not-truth.
I was a teacher, a helper. I was someone who had put a lot of
time and effort into analyzing life, people, relationships,
psyches, bodies, hearts, and myself, discerning spirits, and
listening within to the Spirit of Wisdom.

Yet, Pause was asking too much of me.

When I received Pause, I recognized the message as coming
forth from Wisdom, from the truth of real LOVE. It wasn’t the
result of brainstorming or good intentions. I decide to write a
book. I received Pause For Inspiration.
But after a while I felt:

“Who is this Inspiration anyway coming around here
interrupting and interfering with my “progress”, AS I SAW IT,
with this elementary Pause Practice?”

My little ego cubicle mind screaming in my ear,

“You’re beyond Pause.
You’re more advanced than Pause.
You’re wasting your time.
You were meant for bigger things;
to be successful in the eyes of the world.”

Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t.
Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.
Who cares?
None of that matters now;
all these temptations of the separate self
that were voiced in my mind and through others.


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Read on for how I resisted the temptations of the separate self.

I use The Pause Practices for direct, practical experiences of the Extraordinary being found
in the ordinary.

I prayed about Pause for two years before I finally shared it with the public, which I didn’t want to do because

my little “me-character” had to take a


so WISDOM could


After two years, I was assured Pause was from
the LOVE that IS the LOVE;
a rise above the status quo message using ordinary words
for ordinary people living ordinary lives.





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