365 Pause Practices – Day 107



In the Mind of JOY

The following PEARL Practice was received while writing the book
and can be found on page 341 of the Pause Yellow Book.

[complimentary pause yellow book download]

I am sharing the PEARL Practice with you today because after using it
to focus on someone I have judged for a long time, and felt judged by, I stepped outside for a walk and a LETTING GO swept over me ~
an experience of Absolute Freedom! I felt like a beam of light.
“Let Go” ~ so simple it is to simply let go.
To loosen my grip, to withdraw the thorns I have placed upon
myself and another.
And if my judgments reappear, I heard to simply say,
“LET GO.” Repeat as needed.

PEARL Practice

an invitation to innocence



your mind. Be still on the inside. Still your body if needed.


your willingness to open to Inspiration Within;
“I am willing to receive a change of mind”.


awareness to shift to Inspiration’s Presence within you.
Admit how you have judged yourself and/or another
“guilty as charged.”
Do not be afraid to feel your guilt. In fact, welcome
the guilt so you can be set free from its hold on you.
Now give your guilty charge over to LOVE


with a One-Pointed focus on This Presence of LOVE. Slow down. Receive LOVE.
Allow your weariness and the burden of
carrying this guilt be relieved in this rest.
Open to the innocence beneath and let it rise up in you.
Be willing to see this innocence in another
who is coming into your mind right now;
Join in your innocence together. Rest here.


Follow This Wisdom revealing itself to you.
Let go of the outcome. Let go.
Give thanks.
You have accepted your invitation to Innocence

Let Go of the thorns I lay upon myself

and others in everyday life and Give the

gift of Uplifting JOY instead.

Forwarding this post Encourages another and Gives them
the Opportunity to Receive a daily Pause if they Sign-





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