365 Pause Practices – Day 132


Thank you Mary Kirkou for the above artwork. Words from Pause book.


Pausing for Wisdom is easily applicable and

potentially beneficial

no matter what one’s point of view

How are we to know how our decisions, seeming large or small, will affect our own life and the lives of others? This is the point, we do not know everything and we are not expected to know everything. So, we can PAUSE.

In pausing and stepping back, awareness of ones’

Inspired Heart∞Mind can enter and Wisdom generously

shares a Bigger Picture showing us what can be

truly helpful in the grand scheme of things.

(pg. 18-19)

complementary pause yellow book download here

KIDS 4 – 104




A Detour – Another Road

I am in the kitchen cooking and watching the news. My eyes and ears light up when I hear a man being interviewed sharing his views. Out of habit, I think, “Oh, here we go again.” Then, all of a sudden, I paused.

As he is speaking about how he sees things, something in my mind drops away – my pigeon-holing him. It is as if I am being taken on a detour away from how I see things so I can open to his perception which is very different from my own perception.

He becomes like a window and my inner sight begins seeing him in a deeper way. His shadow falls away, as my judgments fall away. I am now seeing beyond all of our differences.

My detour has taken me down Another Road and we are fellow travelers in this human condition. Though we may appear separate, we are alongside one another in this human condition as Inspiration walks alongside us.

In a few moments of pause, I saw how it is that he sees what he sees, and, how it is that I see what I see. I am grateful Wisdom set up a detour and I followed. Another Way gives hope that help is always available if I am willing to let LOVE sweep my mind of that which is not helpful.

Looking through this BIGGER WINDOW I will see where I am led from here.

Thank you my fellow traveler for
sharing your experience.

We Are All Worthy of A Pause





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