365 Pause Practices – Day 136


Inspiration Inspires Trust

Trust is the willingness to be aware of Inspiration, Listen to its guidance
and Follow because you know it will inevitably lead to Peace.

As long as we are feeling guilty and/or seeing guilt in another,

there can be no Trust in relationships.

Trust Heals Guilt

Page 320

Cubicle Self Trust in Fear

·      Trust remains intact as long as someone else is doing life the way we think they should be doing it.

·      If someone appears similar to us we are more likely to trust; if someone appears different to us, we are more likely not to trust.

·      Cubicle trust is very dependent on whether or not someone meets our standard of behavior. 

·      Cubicle self has trouble trusting as it feels unsafe, alone, suspicious, defensive, on guard/feeling offended, and full of secrets. 

Inspired Self Trust in Love

·      The Inspired Self clearly recognizes the cubicle self and knows the agony of cubicle trust, for it is not trust at all.

·      Inspiration releases the cubicle self heart from all its secrets.

·      Inspiration frees us from the cubicle self, which frees us from cubicle trust.

·      Inspiration gets us to the heart of One-to-One Truly Helpful Relationships that are meaningful. 

·      The Inspired Self sees the meaningful and automatically trusts because it resonates within us as Real. 

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