365 Pause Practices – Day 140


Yours is a path chartered by Love, long before you take it

Your Inspired Self is a natural leader. This is because it is focused on the Inspired Self in others. Your Inspired Self is simply leading others into their Inspired Self. All will be thankful for this. Who will you lead to see their Inspired Self today?

You Have A Mentor Within that is Joined with your Inspired Mind

Your Mentor Within is passionate about living an Inspiring Life.

Are you Inspired to do your part?

In doing your part, you see the whole.
In seeing the whole, you experience your wholeness.
What is your part? What is your purpose?

Your Mentor Within will use your Inspired part to be a demonstration of Inspiration in the world.

Don’t think you have an Inspired part?

You are thinking too small.

Inspiration will give you your Inspired part and you will then see beyond the cubicle passions of the world.

Ask for it!”

Practice: Ask your Mentor Within now, “If I could be Inspired to see beyond my cubicle passions and into my Inspired Purpose, what would you have me see?”

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