365 Pause Practices – Day 145


“Move in the Direction of Peace” pg 276

An experience shared by Natalie, a Pause Crew Member

Each of us can have our own Pause experience. Here is mine today….

In my quiet time this morning as I was Pausing, I started drifting between wonderful waves of Peace and thoughts of this cute little jacket I saw in a flyer I received yesterday. It had lemons on it. This lemon jacket was so cute, but now it was disrupting my pause!

I am amused by the silly thoughts that creep into my mind when I get quiet. When this happens, I take a couple deep breaths and allow stillness to replace the chatter, focusing on my breath as needed.

I remind myself that above all else, I desire to have a mind at Peace.

When I sit in quiet time (Pausing), I go through the 4 Decisions in my mind, one-by-one, as I am moved to proceed. I experience my calm, quiet mind before moving to the next step.

As I step back, I visualize myself literally taking a step backward and letting my thoughts just float by. When I notice them drifting on, I’m aware that I’m getting out of my own way in this moment. This allows room for Another Way. There is no hurry, no rush, no force.

As I step aside in my mind, I step to the right, which brings an open space to my left. This is also my heart space. This space becomes illuminated, bright and open.

Let Inspiration Guide – I sit still and welcome the willingness to choose my Inspired Mind. The Wisdom of Inspiration reveals answers to my questions and I receive guidance to follow meaningful direction.

I Give Thanks

    “Inspiration’s Peace of Mind is Always Ours to Choose” pg 37

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