365 Pause Practices – Day 156


Moving Through Fear

not allowing a sense of inadequacy to stop you from
being and doing your part

I am letting fear stop me from moving forward with deep, joyful inspiration. Have you ever let fear stop you?

My whole being comes to life as this inspiration shows up yet again as I “Practice The Pause”.
It is not a new inspiration, but rather a recurring inspiration over decades.
Something I have delved into quite deeply in fact in the past but stopped myself from exploring in an even greater depth because I let fear stop me.

I have been asking for Inspiration ~ All~Encompassing LOVE, to remove this fear so that I can resume what I know are gifts or tools I am Given to use to be truly helpful, for healing myself and others. 

What gifts or tools have you been Given that are awaiting your willingness to move through fear? In other words, doubt, a sense of inadequacy, or maybe shame and worry,
that you may be experiencing.

The other morning in a pause, after bouts of leaping joy last week having been prompted once again to take steps to move forward, I sat with a one-pointed focus on Inspiration, asking for help. I received surprising direction from my inner Wisdom:

Mary, if you are waiting for Me to remove your fear, you will be kept waiting, for I am not going to remove your fear. I am asking you to trust Me as you move through the fear. You must move through the fear, feel the fear, the doubt, the sense of inadequacy, negative self-sabotaging thoughts, and feelings of unworthiness- all of it. I am with you as you move through the fear,
but I am waiting for
you to move through the fear with Me.
Are you not curious about what is on the other side of fear?

WHOA. It doesn’t stop there. I am now aware that in the past I have tried to move through fear with my willpower; that won’t work, at least not to serve the ultimate purpose of the Inspiration I received. Willpower will not serve us in reaching what is truly possible for us which is often beyond our imagination.

I am now being called to practice relying on the strength of ALL~ENCOMPASSING LOVE; to
trust not the limitations and weakness of my willpower; but rather to
TRUST the strength of this inner Wisdom.

WHEW! Now I am really enthusiastic about using the tools
giving the gifts I have been given and receiving more Love in the process.






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