365 Pause Practices – Day 160


Life is a series of moments. 

How’s your moment going?

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Need a Pause?

The fact that all of the Pause Practices can be practiced in the moment and there are no special circumstances required is only one of the reasons why the Pause Practices are immensely powerful tools for a transformation; a change of mind;
from unhelpful to helpful,

chaotic to peaceful,

stressed to relaxed,

bored to creative

No special room or place is required.

No special clothing is required.

No special body position is required.

Closing your eyes is not required.

Being with only certain people is not required.

Waiting until you are done doing what you’re doing is not required.

Finding time to fit it into your schedule is not required.

Pause was created to be applied:
applied wherever you are
applied no matter what you are wearing
applied whether you’re sitting, standing, lying, walking, running . . .
applied open-eyed
applied with whomever you are with
applied whatever you are doing while doing it
applied in your mind so it requires no extra time.

Apply pause in any communication, relationship, activity,
situation, and/or circumstance.
Pause your mind before, during, and after!





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