365 Pause Practices – Day 161


Abundant Love

Shared by Natalie, a Pause Crew Member

Maybe you’re like me and you find there’s things that get left unsaid. Loving words that could have made things better between myself and others, that could have allowed me to show how much I care for the other person. Words and phrases that may seem simple, yet can be quite impactful in my relationships:

I’m sorry

my mistake

let me help you

let me fix this for you

I could have been more patient

I could have been more gracious

You can go first

I love you

It’s okay

I care about you

Why do we sometimes withhold this love?

When I ask myself this question the answer shows up as ego (possibly fear, selfishness, and/or insecurity). 

When I Pause . . .

  • I am reminded to choose Peace and Connection above all else.
  • I’m better able to hear, and then Listen, to the Inspired guidance that is Within me for the right words to say in the moment. 
  • My Inner Teacher inspires me to share less of what is on my cubicle mind, and more of what is in my pure and loving heart, to share that which is helpful to myself and others for understanding and connection.
  • I Receive Wisdom that guides me to the abundant love Within that can be freely given to all.

No Effort. No Force.

Just Pause.

All else will Follow.

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