365 Pause Practices – Day 164


A Monday Evening Pause

A Pause for Winding Down

with this breath I allow myself to slow down

with this breath, I notice my feelings about the day
I give these feelings space to breathe
with this breath, I notice any lingering thoughts about the day
I let these thoughts have room to breathe

open to my inner quiet
if there is some person, relationship, and/or situation 
that is drawing my attention, I allow myself to pause
and rest with my experience, whatever that is, appearing
negative, positive, unclear, conflicting, hopeful, or ________. 
I am willing to open to a Wisdom and Knowing greater than what
I am thinking, yet still within me; with this breath

follow the pause
I now invite this Wisdom and Knowing more deeply into my awareness;
as my breath softens and deepens, rest returns. As I lay my head upon my pillow tonight, I trust my sleep to Wisdom as I gently fall asleep





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