365 Pause Practices – Day 165


In Ways Seen and Unseen

trusting inner guidance

Today I decided to treat myself to a necklace that inner guidance has been encouraging me to buy for myself for a very long time. It was important that I give it as a gift to myself because it is a symbol of encouragement for me and a reminder to pause and ask for the LOVE that provides. I practice Pause a moment in my car before heading into the store because I don’t want to be pressured or pressure myself to buy something I don’t vibe with. 


I walk into this jewelry story to which I have never been and there are lots of sales clerks and my name is placed in the queue as I wait. Fairly soon a large man with lots of tattoos walks toward me saying, “Mary?” I see him and reply, “Yes!” “Hi, I’m Brendan. How can I help?” It isn’t but a moment before I realize this guy was heaven-sent; he was no doubt an answer to my pausing about buying this necklace. I told him what I was looking for and he shows me the one pendant they sell. Being it was a kind of faith-related necklace, right off he shows me the necklace he was wearing of St. Jude. “Oh my gosh, my mother taught me to pray to St. Jude as a little girl when I felt down and out because as you know, that’s his thing.” 
He did know and we laughed.
I knew I was in the right place, at the right time, with the right salesperson!
I felt my mom was there too helping me even though she passed on long ago.


Still unsure in my mind as to whether I dare buy myself this necklace, we wind up at another counter to look at various chains. In the glass case, a necklace catches my eye and I notice the pendant says, “Ruby.” I immediately remember a dream I had decades ago in which my parents, myself, and my higher Self appeared and her name was Ruby! It was one sign after another that I was supposed to purchase this necklace as a gift for myself.


If that wasn’t enough, Brendan begins talking about “The Hill” which is an old Italian neighborhood here in St. Louis whose streets are lined with Italian restaurants, bakeries, and churches . . . My family shopped on The Hill every Saturday when I was growing up. Finally, I pulled out my Pause Practice cards to share with him which he immediately resonated with and saw the value and need of pausing. This led him to share about going to his sister’s graduation from a healing school recently and her having studied meditation, healing, and massage therapy, and how cool his experience was of being there. I asked, “The Healing Arts Center?” “Yes, that’s it,” he replied. “I taught at that healing school for several years!” I laughed ~ and we laughed together. I am so grateful.

that Inspiration is everywhere at all times
because Inspiration is in our Inspired HeartMinds
Inspiration lives to help us with everything we are living through.





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