365 Pause Practices – Day 217


Relation Ship Sailing

Beginning today PAUSE is dipping its big toe into relationships ~ as viewed
through the eyes of Inspiration shared in the Pause Golden Book ~
ALL relationships ~ family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, acquaintances,
strangers, bosses, passersby . . . From a momentary encounter with a
cashier to a lifelong relationship and all encounters in between, we are all
given plenty of opportunities to care, to share peace, to be wise, to heal, to
express kindness, to laugh, to give and receive, and to Love.

Buckle UP!

Relation Ship Sailing
Pause Golden Book

Could it be?
Is it true? Must we, must we look at our relationships?
Do I have to?
Do I have to?

Isn’t there some way out of this?
Can’t I just make a few phone calls?
Can’t I have somebody else examine my relationships for a small fee?
Can I hire a relationship attorney and have her draw up some
legal papers I can sign?

I’ll be in as many relationships as you want, but can somebody else
do the editing ~ dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s”?

There are no little “i’s” to be dotted and no little “t’s” to be crossed.
You know already ~ 

Because it is the “BIG I” that we need to look to in our relationships and
the” BIG T” that is the foundation of our relationships, so we may be
Truly Helpful one~to~one!

It is the little “i”, that is the cubicle self, who got us into
all of our relationships
It is the BIG I, that is our Inspired Self, who is going to get us out!

Not out of our relationships mind you,
but the way we perceive relationships and their purpose.
It is the little “t” of the little “i”, that would be “cubicle truth,”
that has misguided all of our relationships
It is the BIG T, our True Inspiring Nature
that is available in a Pause Practice, to Inspire all of our relationships.

The excerpt you just read is from our
Pause Golden Book, Relation Ship Sailing, pages 225-226
Open this book to any page and receive a moment of Inspiration ~
laugh, breathe, ah~ha, slow down, heal





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