365 Pause Practices Day 263


A Hospice Volunteer Uses Pause

Thank you, Linda!

Hi, Mary here. Linda’s personal story is worth your time today!

The power of someone’s direct experience using Pause in their relationships,
work, and in their heart, creates a cascade of Peace that can change a life
because it enlivens the moment! Life is a series of moments. Hi, I’m Mary, and
Linda’s personal share is worth your time today. Read Linda’s Story . . . 

Linda’s Story

what brings you peace?

As we walked on our hospice Riverwalk, I was with a woman who was
grieving over the loss of her 32-year-old son two years ago. I could sense
how her heart felt the need for protection as she was unable to open to
her experience. I consciously paused at the bridge to allow another way
to be with her. I asked my inner wisdom what would be truly helpful.
The words, “What brings you peace? ” gently flowed out as our eyes
met. The countenance on her face softened, no words were spoken,
only a message received in the heart for reflection. I trust there is a
peace that will make itself known.

Linda’s Note on Pause to Us All

I am a former educator in the teaching profession
and was later called to be a hospice volunteer
after retiring from the working field.

(Pause) has lifted and touched my heart. I am
deeply grateful that so many of us are supporting
one another. I am becoming more trusting and
patient as I Pause and listen.

With Love and Rich Blessings,






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