365 Pause Practices Day 266



in the Moment

by Natalie

My husband was mowing the lawn on Sunday and came to get me. He had
something he wanted to show me. He pointed to an area just below our gutter
where I spotted a HUGE female Yellow Garden Spider sprawled out on her web,
with a HUGE egg sac nearby. I visually admire her for a moment and then FEAR
starts settling in as she and her egg sac are just steps away from our side door
entrance. In doing research, I find that the egg sac can potentially hold
hundreds(?) of baby spiders inside!


And, Breathe.
And Relax my racing mind.
And ask Inspiration Within for Help.

As I’m Pausing, I am reminded how much I love Nature, how fascinating each
creature really is, and how beneficial spiders are to the garden (although I’d prefer
that she was IN my GARDEN, not near the door to the house!).

Inspiration Within helps me to appreciate this beautiful being and her interesting
life process. With Inspiration’s Help, I am checking on her daily, as I can see her
from my kitchen window, and when the eggs hatch, I will never leave my house
again. JUST KIDDING. Pausing reminds me to LAUGH and have FUN in the midst of everyday life!

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Shared from the
Pause Golden Book,
Page 28

I am Willing to trust
that there is a wisdom
and knowing
greater than what I am thinking,
yet still within me,
leading into an awareness
of the connection to Inspiration.

Inspiring a way of Being
Truly Helpful
in the World – Now.





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