365 Pause Practices Day 267


Who Is Caring for You?

Sharing by Mary

Energy drops, body aches, irritability, overreacting, and lack of peace
are some signs that we may find it wise to practice “Pause for My Peace
of Mind” and ask, “What’s going on?” Instead of leaping for more
caffeine, junk food, tv, internet ~ what do you leap for looking for
peace and care only to fall into what is not Truly Caring at all?

How About Pausing for your Compassionate Loving Self (your
True Self), and receiving direction on what it means to truly care?

I was taught to put myself on the back burner and take care of
everyone and everything else. Take care of others physically,
emotionally, and spiritually, and do things for them that they can
clearly do for themselves. That’s ego “caring” ~ not true caring at all.

Who is Caring for You?
The self-sabotaging me-character?
Your Loving Compassionate Self?
Compassion is simply letting LOVE love you,
so you can love yourself, and others.

Mary’s Experience of Listening to my Loving Self Extending Compassion

Midafternoon and I notice an energy drop. 
I pause to be with my experience for a moment.
I’m irritated because I don’t have time for this.
Now I feel worse ~ no energy and irritated. Hmm.
I pause from the task at hand.
I pause from listening to that inconsiderate voice.

I listen to my Compassionate Self (CS) say, “Go upstairs and
do some movement, that will help.”

I reject this Voice saying back, “I’m busy.”

Compassion responds, “No you’re not. You just tell yourself that.”

What? Why would I tell myself that? I ask.

CS responds, “It’s convenient, familiar, it’s worked in the past to keep
you keeping on. But it’s not working anymore, is it, Mary?”

I go upstairs and join with my inner Compassion for a bit of
movement. I now feel calm, centered, and my mind is clear.
I return to the task at hand having compassion for myself and you.





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