365 Pause Practices Day 270


~ Pausing for CALM in the Moment ~

by Natalie

Since starting the Pause Practice,
I’ve noticed that I experience fewer moments
where I think that SO many things
are SUCH a BIG deal.

Just the other day, my husband was upset about something
and he was going on and on about it while we sat together “relaxing” in the great room.
My husband is usually pretty calm, so I asked him,
“why are you so bothered by this”?
He pondered it a moment and said,
“I don’t understand why you’re NOT bothered”!

Hmm, I simply felt nothing rising up in me on the subject,
so I shrugged my shoulders.
He looked at me and says, “oh yeah,
you’ve got that Pause thing you do”. 
I gently reminded him,
“You can Pause, too”. 
He seemed to take a deep breath in that moment and Paused.
He looked at me and said, “I know”.
And then he seemed to let it go.

I may experience moments of calm,
but I can still get excitable
and let myself get stirred up at times,
we all do right?

Thankfully, I know that with a quick Pause
I am given the opportunity
to calm my mind and potentially turn things around.
When I Pause, I can ask Inspiration Within for Help
and guess what? I CAN calm down in the moment.

Inspiration Within Helps me
bring forth the Love that is IN me,
when I may least expect
that it even exists. 

Inspiration Within reminds me
that Love is always there, always within me.
When I am experiencing the Calm Quiet of Inspiration,
I am better able to share this Love
with others in the moment.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 12:
“Rest. You have a calling to which you must respond,
eventually. It is the calling of INSPIRATION WITHIN.
You will hear such a calling in the Inner Quiet and it will CALM you”. 

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