365 Pause Practices Day 273


Why The Pause Crew Pauses

in Daily Life

Lisa, Mary, and Natalie each respond to:


Lisa Shares

The simplicity and ease of the Pause Practice helps to make my life and the situations I find myself in less tumultuous and more peaceful. Pause is extremely helpful for me when I am tasked with a creative project, and I don’t feel particularly creative. I am able Pause and be open to Another Way of seeing the project and Inspiration flows in as images and phrases.

try to use the Pause Practice every day in my daily life. Some days I am not as successful as on other days. I tell myself this is ‘OK’ and the Pause Practice IS a practice!

Mary Shares

I use The Pause Practices in daily life because I know they work WHEN I use them! I have one moment at a time just like you. In my work with Pause be it admin, spontaneity, technology, teaching, networking, creating, delegating; just when I think I know what’s best, I will pause, and I receive a wiser way. Just when I’m ready to react in an unhelpful way, instead of choosing to disconnect and distance, I can choose to get out of my own way and see I have a choice! I can say & do what will lead to connecting with another and we can integrate our inner resources ~ this is what it is to heal and be truly helpful.

I can listen to my inner
Wisdom, I can break free of habits that simply don’t work, I can let Wisdom
lead the way and for a peaceful, joyful, productive, and meaningful day,

I can follow!

B r e a t h e

  Natalie Shares

 This practice has been truly helpful to me as I  tend to be a quick thinker and responder.  When I Pause, I’m able to slow down, be present, and give a  thoughtful, helpful response. Everyone in  my life deserves a  Pause, including me.  Sometimes when I slip into the old, familiar,  quick response routine  I’m reminded that Pause is a practice that needs to be practiced! One day, one hour, one moment at a time…





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