365 Pause Practices Day 275


What One Inspired Person Can Do

sharing by Mary

The other night I had the transcendent pleasure of experiencing
Inspiration In Motion. The skies opened.
Good food with music after visiting with John’s mother, Mary Ann, at her
retirement community, is usually a lighthearted evening for all. Yet for some
reason, I found myself in a funk! 

We took Mary Ann into the lounge area to hear the Friday night music. I
decided to be in the moment and began giving Mary Ann a shoulder massage.
Up until now, the bands they have play old tunes that we enjoy, but they are
getting tiresome. A woman looked at me saying, “If I hear Fly Me to the Moon
one more time, I am going to fly to the moon!

Then Something Happened

Surprisingly, they hired a new band, “Calvert & Williams”, who began playing
tunes from the ’60s and ’70s, more in line with what we grew up hearing.
The woman who said she was ready to fly to the moon decided to stick
around and flew out to dance instead!
WOW, I have never seen this happen before.
She embodied Inspiration In Motion as she morphed and inspired others to
get their butterfly on. Some residents wanted her to “be the show, entertain
them”, but she wasn’t looking to be the show. Nope, she opened the skies so others could fly!

People transformed from caterpillars to butterflies, from:
Being sedentary to getting up and moving in their way
Being in a daze to being active participants in their wellbeing
Being passive, tired onlookers to engaged, joyful observers
Being bored to having fun
Being in loneliness to being in companionship
There was a miraculous change in the atmosphere….

As I watched these Women Shake their Groove Thing (remember that tune?), 
the funk in my heart began to lift.

This Prime Inspired Motivator waved me over saying, “You wanna dance?”
Well, anyone who knows me knows that there is never a time that I don’t
want to dance! 

There we were dancing, three of us. Smiling, laughing, looking into eyes,
spirits moving our bodies ~ turning my mind right side up, my heart inside out!
JOY abounding, surrounding, and any memory
of ever being dispirited vanished!

The band paused and one woman and I gazed into one another’s eyes
giggling like children as she asked enthusiastically,
“Wanna keep dancing?”

Hope that today you allow the LOVE in our midst
to land in your heart.

Get Your
Inspiration In Motion!





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