365 Pause Practices Day 277


Opportunities? Roadblocks?

Do relationships seem like an obstacle course to you? 
~ family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, passersby, clerks ~ 
sharing by mary

What if those seeming roadblocks were seen differently?

Seen as opportunities to open to one’s inner Wisdom
rather than a PROJECT or a ride into the CUBICLE HALL OF HORRORS?

Opportunity for what?

Our walk in this world is a trust walk.
can walk in this world with a heart÷mindset of distrust.
Everywhere I look seeing
ore trouble, more things to do, more time and money, sacrifice, loss ~ 
somebody, somewhere always wanting more of me.
I can walk in this world with a Heart∞Mindset of TRUST and
see opportunities to connect with my inner Wisdom
and receive Help with ALL of my relationships.
Pause Golden Book, pages 342-343

Lighten UP Your Relationships?
Practice Your Peace of Mind





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