365 Pause Practices Day 278


Engines Need Oil
I Need to Follow My Inner Wisdom

by Natalie

Have you ever experienced something inside is nudging you,
but you’re just too “busy” to listen and follow up on it? 

Well, my engine oil light came on over the weekend, and quite
honestly, I shouldn’t have been surprised to see this happen. My Inner
Wisdom had been telling me to check my oil change log for WEEKS
and I kept meaning to check it, but then I’d get distracted and forget.

This Aha! moment reminded me that the Pause Practice
isn’t just about Pausing and Listening,
it’s about the decision to also Follow its guidance.

The Pause Practice, the 4 Decisions,
can lead us to being Truly Helpful
to ourselves and others. 

Pause ~ Step Back ~ Step Aside
Let Wisdom Guide

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