365 Pause Practices Day 282


Message of  PEACE

sharing & photo by mary

Peace in our midst
is here to behold
sharing its glances even in the bitter cold.
We may not recognize Peace with our body’s eyes and all,
but Peace sees us and hears our weary call.
And when we let Peace in
let Peace sit by our side,
something happens within
there’s nothing to hide.

Peace wipes away our tears
helps us forget our fears and doubts,
assuring us we are being held
amid inner~outer shouts.

 Together in our dancing, time will take a pause,
Peace providing hope for our life’s purpose and cause.

Do not be surprised by the Peace in our midst
for its unceasing presence is blowing us a kiss.
Then Peace waits patiently to see if it lands
in one willing heart in the worldly stands.

Peace meets us here on earth
we needn’t travel so so far.
Peace is present here and now
in our reach for the ever-raising bar.
Turns out there is no such bar
we are not asked to achieve worldly feats,
rather rest in the pause,
simply take our seats.

Stop trying so hard my dear friend
seeking where Peace cannot be found,
simply let LOVE love you 
in this Silent Sound.
The sound of pause.





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