365 Pause Practices Day 284


There Are a Gazillion Reasons

We Refuse to Pause ~

Here are Eight!

shared by mary

I Got This!

Pausing will only slow “me” down baby
“I GOT THIS” IS TAKING YOUR EYE OFF THE BALL. That’s exactly what we’re saying to ourselves when we’re stuck in pride. Sports stars drop the ball, miss the hoop, and take their eyes off the ball. We do the same with daily tasks, conversations, driving, etc. 

I Don’t Have Time to Pause

Then you really need to pause. Practicing The Pause has been shown over and over again to save time, money, and energy . . . and relationships . . . not to mention sanity.

P.S. You don’t need any candles! Pause where you find yourself and find your True Self in the Pause. But hey, do what works!

I Feel Fine

You don’t have to feel angry, upset, or in conflict to pause. Pause when you’re peaceful and find an even more peaceful zone or to keep your peace for the next time you need to pause.

I’m Intelligent and Educated

Whoa, you absolutely need to pause. Those of us who see ourselves as intelligent and educated can easily bypass our inner Wisdom that is creative, easygoing and isn’t expending energy intellectualizing trying to impress people and gain approval.

He Can Pause. I Paused Last time.

What is this 3rd grade? Waiting for
someone else to pause is like waiting for
the plane that never took off to land.

I Have a Right to My Emotions.

Yes, you do. No one is asking you not to
feel. Are your emotions moving you into
increasing chaos, anxiety, depression, or
escalation? How about asking your inner
Wisdom for help with your emotions?

Nobody’s Going To Tell Me What To Do.

Your Inspired Mind doesn’t tell you
what to do. It simply extends
Inspiration, Creativity, Wisdom, Love,
and Peace. You have the freedom to
receive it or say no thanks.

I’ve Been Doing This Job for 30
Years. I Don’t Need No Pause.

Have you learned anything new in 30
years? Have you sustained an injury
from being on autopilot? Are others
being adversely affected by your
worn-out ideas and ways?





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