365 Pause Practices Day 298


shared by Lisa

When you find yourself standing in line
and waiting – for anything.

That moment when the machine you
are working on stops working.

When your concentration is broken for the
fifth time in less than five minutes by others.

The person you are talking to is controlling
or monopolizing the conversation.

When learning something new.

and the list goes on…

There are SO many times in our daily life when
we all need to practice a little patience.

But how does one experience patience?

Pause ~ Step Back ~ Step Aside ~ Let Wisdom Guide

Yes, that’s right, that is how one can experience patience!

The Pause Practice can be applied to any relationship,
communication, activity, situation, or circumstance. Your Pause
can take mere seconds, or you can take your time with it.

The choice is always yours as the patience of your Inner Wisdom is always available to you.

Pause Golden Book page 24


Patience is not something the cubicle mind understands. It

boxes patience up within its time frame. Okay, it says, I will be

patient for 5 minutes, but that’s all! The cubicle self is incapable

of patience, real patience. So the direction to “Rest in Quiet patience”

is given. Unrest is the nature of the noisy cubicle mind, thus it lacks patience. Rest is the nature of Quiet. Be with Quiet.

Find patience here.

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