365 Pause Practices Day 300


I Ask Myself,

What am I Waiting for?

Shared by Natalie

I really want to be open
to the Inspiration that is within me.
But, time and again, I stumble as 
I judge, get frustrated, distance, or avoid.
When this happens, I want to get back up
and ask Inspiration Within for Help to guide me.

What Am I Waiting For?

Inspiration Within Reminds me that
Reading the Pause for Inspiration card (below)
Helps me get Back on Track!

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 8:
What Are You Waiting For?

The world to change without you changing?
Your life to change without you beginning
to choose to think, see, hear, touch and live differently?

Inspiration is ready
when you are willing.
Click here to Download and Read the Pause Golden Book.

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to see an enlarged version
of the front & back of the card.
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