365 Pause Practices Day 301


Shared by Tyler and Auggie with Aaron’s Chimney Service

We were at a job site and needed to place an 85-pound forced
ventilation fan on top of a chimney. We had to go up a 44-foot
ladder to get the part onto the roof and then crawl up the roof
to put it on the chimney for the unit to be done properly. As
we were carrying the part up the ladder, it kept getting caught
between the two houses and we became anxious.

 So, we Paused and asked for another way to move the
fan to the roof. A way that nobody got hurt and the fan
wasn’t damaged or lodged between the buildings.

Inner Wisdom directed us to change the location of the
individual that was on the roof. We relocated him to an area
where he could sustain the load from a different angle and this
change enabled us to carry the fan up the other side of the
ladder and not in between the two houses.

The change worked perfectly, and the fan was taken to
the roof without incident. We would not have thought to
put the man on the roof in that particular spot had we not 
Paused – Stepped Back – Stepped Aside – Followed Inner Wisdom.

Pause Golden Book page 39

PracticeThe Pause once a day to
stabilize awareness of Inspiration Within—this is a
suggestion. Mainly, just be willing to use The Pause whenever,
wherever, and with any communication, activity, relationship, situation, or circumstance.

Do not exclude anything just because you think you already
have it under control, it is not important enough, or
The Pause does not apply.
Inspired Help applies to everything and everyone. 

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