365 Pause Practices Day 302


Inspiration’s Peace Is Always Present,
Always Being Given

a saturday evening pause
sharing by mary

There are moments in which I may experience that inner Inspiration has
abandoned me. It may be a sense of isolation, boredom, or dispiritedness.
Hmm, where did Inspiration go? 

Even in those moments, hours, or sometimes days that we may experience
disconnection from this LIFE within and all around,
rest assured that Inspiration is always present, always being given.

Do you ever become unaware of Inspiration’s ever-giving presence?

These temporary moments, lapses in memory, 
are invitations to Practice Pause.
Just as I came across this autumn tree on a walk leaving me feeling
showered by LIFE,
we can come across inner Inspiration
in any ordinary moment,
restless hour, a
planned or unplanned day.
Inspiration is always revealing itself to us,
we need only accept that it IS possible.
Then see what happens.
Have a restful evening.
~  ~  ~  ~  ~
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