365 Pause Practices Day 303


Lowering Stress can Lower Inflammation

Shared by Natalie

Recently, I went to an all-day class titled, “An Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle”.
I was reminded about things that I probably already knew, about how
inflammation is necessary in the body to protect against infection and
injury, but when it becomes chronic it can cause disease. The instructor
went into detail about all the ways in which our tissues can become
inflamed through lifestyle choices. You know, the usual culprits: poor diet,
lack of exercise, and then of course, chronic STRESS just to name a few.
She stated that if you can’t remove a stressor from your life that it’s
important to manage your response by engaging in a practice to manage

Here were some of her suggestions: 

Meditation ~ Yoga ~ Art ~ Music ~ Deep breathing

…and I’m adding the PAUSE PRACTICE to the list!!

Just taking a moment to Pause when I feel stressed is Truly helpful.

Practicing the Pause Practice has helped me lower stress in my life because
it helps me experience my calm, quiet mind in the moment, so I can get
out of my own way, listen for my Inner Wisdom & Follow it’s guidance to a
peaceful response.  

By using the Pause Practice, I can experience Peace in my moment-to-
moment interactions, communications, relationships, situations,
circumstances, AND I might be able to Lower Inflammation!!

Pausing only takes a moment to do
and the rewards can be vast and long lasting!

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