365 Pause Practices Day 304


Being a Follower

By Natalie

For me, I ask, “who is this me-character that wants to be a Leader? A
Leader of whatwhom, and to where might I be Leading? And, why does
the idea of being a Follower seem like such a mindless endeavor to this

For some, the me-character shrinks from leading as it may think it isn’t
qualified. For others, the me-character can’t wait to lead in order to be in
control. Truth is, regardless of the ego’s motivations to lead or not to lead,
this me-character will never be able to fully grasp that FOLLOWING can be
the answer to seeing things clearly and with True Vision

When we Follow Inspiration Within,
we are leading.

When we Pause and quiet the chatter in our minds, we can LISTEN and 
FOLLOW this Wise Inner Guidance that knows what to dowhere to go,
and how to be Truly Helpful in the moment. 

We can TRUST this Wise Inner Teacher
to LEAD US as we choose to FOLLOW.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, pages 65-66:

To follow is not to mimic. Follow Love and you will come to your fruition. It takes 
humility to follow, not stupidity; strength, not weakness. Humility is highly 
intelligent for it recognizes that there is a possibility that is more outstanding than
what appears at first glance. The Inspired Self leads well because it follows
WELL — it follows Inspiration Within. Follow with a one-pointed focus on the
Inside Track. A poor leader looks about to see what everyone in the cubicle wants —
the cubicle does not know what it wants. This leader now becomes a follower of
cubicle confusion. Now, a lost leader leads. Following Inspiration Within is a
lessening of one’s false self and a growing into one’s True Self. A true leader 
looks Within and leads you there — to the Within in you.

As you follow Inspiration Within, you are leading.
Who are you following?

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