365 Pause Practices Day 312


My Husband is my CUSTOMER!

…and I am his.

By Natalie

Steven worked from home a few days last week and I could overhear him
on some of his calls with clients. He really puts his best SELF forward for
his clients. He’s been working at the same company for 27+ years and he’s
knowledgeable and accommodating and Truly Helpful to his clients’ needs
and requests. I told him how nice it was to get a glimpse into his day and
to witness his Truly Helpful Self in action.

Then, he overheard me on the phone while I was working and told me I
sounded truly “lovely”. In this moment, we were reminded that
WE are each other’s CUSTOMERS
and this is an opportunity for us to make a choice to
bring our Truly Helpful Selves into our relationship with one another.
We can treat each other the way we treat our
favorite clients and customers!
We ALL want to be Inspired by one another.
We can Pause, Listen, and Follow
Inspiration Within to share our
Truly Helpful Selves with each other.


Click on the Pause card below to give it a try!
There’s nothing to lose
and only the potential to gain by trying it.

Shared by the Pause Golden Book, Page 103:
NOTICE TO ALL CUSTOMERS (that is you and me!)
If you live in this world, you do business in this world, it is the business of living
in the world. We are all customers in the business of living in the world.

One does not require training in customer service.
One requires willingness to Be Truly Helpful.

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