365 Pause Practices Day 314


My Giant Garden Obelisk

Obelisk Defined: A tall structure with pyramidal top
used as garden decor and plant supports.
Shared by Natalie

My mom has a friend who is a woodworker and quite some time ago she ordered
a garden obelisk for my yard. I had forgotten about it, until it was delivered to my
house the other day…it’s over 6 feet tall!

The wood on the obelisk was bare and needed to be stained (or painted) and it
has all these spindles on it, which requires patience for the intricate parts.
Needless to say, I’ve been putting it off as the whole thing seemed a bit daunting.

Then, on my day off, Inspiration came to me in the afternoon, when the sun was
shining bright, and whispered in my ear that right now was the time to work on
my obelisk project. In that moment, I felt no push, no pull, no hindrance about it. I just gathered my gear and
Followed Inspiration’s gentle nudge.

It took me approximately 2 ½ hours to stain the obelisk and the time literally flew
by! This project, that I was dreading, ended up being
truly enjoyable.
Inspiration Within really has a way of lightening the load
when I choose to Follow.
I had no plans for doing this project that day,
but Inspiration knew when the timing was right.
All I need to do is remember
to Pause my mind, Listen, and Follow.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 166:
Inspiration Inspires a sense of effortlessness —
it is truly amazing, the things we can accomplish
without so much effort.
The cubicle self defines itself by how much it produces and pushes.
We can meet obligations and be responsible
and work productively with patience
while leaning into Inspiration as our strength.

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