365 Pause Practices Day 316


Saturday Evening Pause

Your True Self is Your Greatest Gift

Sharing by Mary

What Stops You from Living from Your True Self?

We can see ourselves as a burden to others when we share our True Self.
We are embarrassed to share who we truly are. It is as if we are
interrupting someone’s plans or taking up their time or being offensive in
some way. These perceptions are obstacles to extending the Gift of You.

It may seem implausible to be thinking in this way, however,
I can see my True Self as an obstacle, thus
a burden to myself and others, as opposed to a gift to be
given away freely.

It is the ego self (this me-character we make up), that sees our True Self,
our Inspired Heart~Mind, as a burden. The ego gets that it does not
stand a chance against the free will of your True Self which is LOVE itself.
So it instills a desire to use your “passions”, but for all the wrong reasons.
Hence, eventually, our passions become burdensome. This is why so many
people who pursue their “passion” fall beneath the weight of the ego’s desires.

We can fall beneath the weight of desires in our seeking an ego boost. But
such a “boost” is fleeting and often followed by a letdown because it’s
never enough. The fulfillment of ego desires is not the fulfillment we seek.

Your True Self, who you are in LOVE, is a TRUE GIFT as it is a
means of expressing LOVE and extending HEALING
in the world.

~ Inspiration Mary received in 2002 ~







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