365 Pause Practices Day 317



my brother and friends

william lenihan ~ guitar
ave weckl ~ drums
tom kennedy ~ bass guitar
jay oliver ~ keyboards
video snippet of “Both Sides Now”

Wishing I had a video of this entire concert to share with you. Hearing these
guys play was a transcendent experience I don’t think I will ever forget.
That is how moved I was and still am. I have been listening to my brother play
music since he was seven years old and picked up the accordion and
listening to all these truly amazing musicians since I was 17! Decades later
and the Inspiration continues to flow as they each share their Inspired gifts
throughout the world.

Yet, this experience was unique and I imagine, perhaps, because I am in a
different place ~ my mind clearer, my heart more healed,
reer to be ~ and open to being moved by the Presence of Inspiration.

Truly listening and being willing to receive all that was being given,
while letting my body move the grooves, I described this
experience afterward as:

The Memory of LIFE

This is the power of Inspiration. It reminds us and instills in us
the memory of LIFE itself, in the broadest sense of the word,

I am grateful for LIFE and all of the Pauses for Inspiration I am
willing to experience in my day, through which I am
Restored, Renewed, and Reinvigorated
by LIFE within, and in our midst.

Sharing by Mary

LEFT VIDEO: Both Sides Now snippet ~ Written by Joni Mitchell
RIGHT VIDEO: While My Guitar Gently Weeps snippet ~ Written by George Harrison





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