365 Pause Practices Day 326


The Driver Behind Me

Shared By Natalie

As I was driving in my car, I happened to look in my rearview mirror and noticed
the person in the car behind me looking upset, yelling, shaking his fist out the
window, and driving very close to my bumper. I was surprised and also unaware of
what might have had happened.

I PAUSED and asked Inspiration Within,
“is there another way to see this?”

As I Paused, I began to experience a sense of compassion
for myself and this other person.
I allowed Peace to come into my awareness, forgave us both,
and as I turned left, and the driver behind me was gone,

I Truly hoped that he could find
Peace in the midst of his day, too

Pausing only takes a moment to do 
and the rewards can be vast and Truly Helpful!

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 69:

True forgiving is seeing beyond error, beyond appearances, beyond the
verdict of guilt and shame. True forgiving is accepting healing by
recognizing that there is no error so great that our Inspired connectedness
to one another can ever be severed. This is an Inspired fact that the
cubicle self in its cubicle condition cannot begin to understand, accept,
or see. This is exactly why we need the Inspired Self; precisely why we
cannot practice true forgiving without the Help of Inspiration Within. 

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