365 Pause Practices Day 327


A brother from the same Mother

Shared by Lisa

On a recent visit home I had the pleasure of seeing my brother. I
have not spent time with him in person for a couple of years and
it was as if no time had passed since we had last seen each other.
My brother and I have always been remarkably close and supportive of each other.

The one significant difference between us is our political views. In
order to keep the peace between us, however, we do not
discuss politics. When we do, it usually turns into an argument and
we both leave with hurt feelings. This is NOT how I wanted this visit
to go. So, when my brother began to talk about politics, as he always does, I Paused.

I Paused and got out of my own way. Instead of getting upset
or trying to change his political viewpoint, I let him speak without
interruption. After he had a chance to say what he felt he
needed to say, I was inspired to say,
“That sounds like you have done your homework and are happy with what you found. I am happy for you.”

I was then inspired to change the subject so that is what I did.
Politics were not spoken of again and the visit with
my brother was loving, fun, and peaceful.

I am happy I followed Inspiration Within!

Pause Golden Book page 320

Trust is the
willingness to be aware of Inspiration,
listen to its guidance and follow it because you know it will inevitably lead to

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