365 Pause Practices Day 332


Pause Golden Book page 42


Pause For Inspiration, The 4 Decisions
as an Extended Practice

Quieting is the practice of using this Guided Practice for at least 4–10 minutes,
or longer while sitting and resting comfortably.
Choose one word, one phrase, or use the whole practice.
No hurry. Be with.

You may choose to listen online to the Guided audio practice
(go to: https://pauseforinspiration.org/a-guided-audio-practice/)
or perhaps record The 4 Decisions in your own voice and listen.

All those new to ideas about centering the mind and living an Inspired Life—
a Being Truly Helpful life—will invariably find this practice helpful. At the
very least, it will leave you aware of the power of willingness. Those who
have been centering and living helpful lives for a while now are being invited to
return to the first step, the beginning— the Inspired Heart∞Mind where
innocence rests—and this we must do to Be Truly Helpful. 

Back to the beginning

Shared by Lisa

When I am trying to find where I placed my phone when I came home – I
go back to the beginning. When I am sewing a new pattern and the
instructions are confusing – I go back to the beginning.
When I need a Pause – I go back to the beginning.

An uncomplicated way to practice the Pause Practice is to begin at the
beginning – Pause. When I am willing to Pause and quiet my mind, I am
able to get out of my own way easier (Step Back). Once I am out of my
own way, I can ask, “Is there another way to see this?” (whatever it may be!)
and “What would be truly helpful right now?” (Step Aside) Once my
questions are put forth, I listen for Inspiration Within, and then I choose to follow
the guidance given to me (Let Inspiration Guide).

And just like any practice, the more I do it the easier it is to do! 

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