365 Pause Practices Day 358



I am Love, WE are Love

By Natalie

Inspiration Within is nudging me this morning to
remember that I am LOVE, that You are LOVE,
and that our True Inspired Selves embody this Love,
radiate it and share it with each other.
This Love sees beyond appearances and behavior
to the Truth of who we are
We just have to be willing to check-in
with our True Selves and Follow…
This holiday season and into the New Year,
I desire to Pause and remember
the Truth about myself and others.

See what the Pause Golden Book has to say about Love,
pages 4 & 5:

Love is the epitome of who and what you are and yet,
Love is so much more.
Love is whom you live in and who lives in you.
Love is the Vast Nature from whom you come,
the Pure Spirit in whom you live,
and the Door of Awareness into Love itself.
It is my deepest desire that you enter into
this experience for yourself!
For only then is Love all that Love is meant to be.

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