365 Pause Practices Day 361


Receiving Joy Today & Everyday

By Natalie

As we head into the New Year, my goal is to
Pause to receive Joy in the moment,
to share my Inspired & Joyful Self with others,
and to hop, skip, and jump for Joy in the New Year!

I desire to Pause for myself, my friends,
my family, and everyone I meet
to bring my Joyful & Loving Self forward
in everyday life situations and circumstances.

Pausing for Joy is a PRACTICE that
truly works when it is Practiced.
I’ve seen it work in my life in many ways,
seen and unseen.

Won’t you join me in Receiving JOY today
by Pausing to bring forth our
Inspired and Truly Helpful Selves right now?

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 63:

Be the light in the darkness. Be the fire of joy in your workplace
instead of waiting for someone else to crack a smile. Be the one
who is willing to see anew — notice the good job of your coworker —
not waiting around for someone to take note of your work.
Be the one doing your job to the tune of Inspiration instead of
simply admiring a colleague who is stepping to the rhythm of Inspiration.
Be the one who is Inspired to Inspire others instead of waiting for
someone else to Inspire you. Be the one who sees a customer
as an opportunity to experience what your Inspired Mind is up to,
instead of seeing the customer as simply a means to a paycheck
or an annoying gnat to swat! It begins with you.

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Hop, Skip, and Jump for JOY

in the New Year!!





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