365 Pause Practices Day 362


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In 2017 while in Mexico, John and I encountered Enrique De La Paz,
and what a truly Inspiring person he was to encounter.
His name means, Enrique of the Peace and
Enrique embodies the Peace of The Pause!

“When I started reading it and translating it word by word, I realized the
different stages of making the right decisions. Sometimes we take that time
ourselves to reconstruct our ideas and put them in order to make really good
decisions for a good outcome. When I was translating, I was thinking, “wow,
this is actually true. Sometimes you just need to take your time, blank
everything from your mind, and start thinking of new ways of doing things
and coming up with new solutions for those times
when we need help.

Enrique De La Paz
(Enrique of the Peace)!

Pause Translator
Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

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The audio for the Spanish Pause Practice
is read by a young woman whose native
language is Spanish. Her gentle voice is
soothing and helpful.

Meeting and moving with these beautiful Spanish-speaking women whose hearts
and smiles melted my heart, was such a gift. Thank you, Eileen, for creating this event and translating!

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