365 Pause Practices Day 283


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Your Helpful Self is always Safe, Kind, Wise, and Truly Helpful.

School Nurse & Mom Teaches Her Son PAUSE

I realized that my interventions sometimes made things worse and that he
needed to have some control over the situation and could redirect himself.
While learning Pause he was facing a problem with a classmate and
shared, “I just paused and thought of a better way I can think about this.”

I cannot believe how grateful I am to have discovered the PAUSE program as a
mother. I was introduced to PAUSE as a nurse and before implementing it in the
school I work, I first started using it with my son. My son suffers from anxiety and
ADHD. We went through many episodes of screaming and crying with little success
in calming down and redirecting. I introduced him to PAUSE thinking that at this
point anything was worth trying. We read the book together and immediately
started “Pausing” when we were on the brink of meltdowns. After a few times, he
began to be able to identify ways that he could calm down. It didn’t happen
immediately and sometimes I would have to remind him to PAUSE, but it worked.

He keeps his reminder card on his desk and sometimes needs to read it to himself.
We have fewer breakdowns and he is able to pull things together much quicker
and we have had a wonderful turnaround.

Jennifer Wofford, RN, School Nurse & Mom
Peabody Elementary

School Counselor On The Move With Pause

Orli Pinsberg, Elementary School Counselor was instrumental in motivating her school to learn about how to PAUSE FOR YOUR HELPFUL SELF.

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