Touching In ~ Pause in 2023



Touching In – Pause in 2023 – Step Into Your Potential – No matter what


Step Into Your Inspired Potential

~ Sharing by Mary ~

IMAGINE YOU ~ Pausing, Listening, and
Following your Inner Knowing.

Do you remember being at a crossroads in life? Perhaps your engine is idling at one now. Maybe you’re considering a major life change or contemplating letting go of an endeavor or being drawn to spending your time in ways that are more invigorating, creative, and/or focused on helping others instead of falling into self-absorption. It’s okay to pause.

No matter what your age, are you living your Inspired potential?
What do you experience as you ponder stepping into your potential?
It’s never too late!

Something needs to shift, but what and how will it shift? It’s easy to react during these times; give up, avoid the inner churnings of change, or chase after something else that appears more appealing. I can set up a split in my mind; either I do THIS OR THAT BUT I CAN’T DO BOTH and I may forget to consider the POSSIBILITIES BEYOND THIS or THAT! Such restricted perceptions can leave me feeling blocked in and unable to make decisions. All the while my Inner Knowing is encouraging me to spread my wings and follow through with decisions that will open new doors and connect me with new people.

The ultimatum of “You must choose one and
forget about the other” or “shrink instead of expand” or “hide instead of
letting your True Self be seen” is a LIE of the cubicle mind.

There is Another Way. PAUSING at a crossroads can be an opportunity to experience an expanding PAUSE. A pause in which you are being prepared, energized, and receiving clarity for the NEXT STEP.

Practicing Pause to get in touch with our LIFE FORCE
infuses us with the energy to create.

I hear my Wise Inner Knowing whisper, “Step into YOUR POTENTIAL.” There’s a lot to who I am and my life’s purpose YET TO BE LIVED.

Pausing can be a test of patience and willingness to trust
your Inner Knowing that will help Give Voice to your
Inspired potential.


Leap of faith?

I took a leap of faith! I SPOKE

UP in a group I belong to and
They loved it.

The idea has taken flight! The
participants are expressing how
valuable what we’re doing is.

I am Practicing Pause to keep
this Inspired idea in flight. The
cubicle mind is set on dragging
me down, then I listen to my
Inner Knowing, receive
encouragement, and trust LOVE
over fear.

I am:

Learning how VALUABLE my
Inner Knowing is.

Experiencing my TRUE WORTH
as I express, embody, and
share my Inner Knowing with
those willing to receive it.

Seeing others connect with
their Inner Knowing ~ their
smiling, laughing, and serenity
emanating from their being

IMAGINE if I would have
silenced my Inner True Voice.
But I didn’t. I CHOSE TO


1) What I thought would take
energy away from my life’s work
with PAUSE, is infusing PAUSE
with new ideas that John, Natalie,
Lisa, and I are bringing to fruition.

AND (not either/or)

2) I am blooming with an
inner~outer healing renewal as I
follow Inspiration’s call to excavate
my love of movement and touch
as ways of helping others connect
with their Inner Knowing and step
into their Inspired potential.

AND (not this or that)

3) Being we teach what we need
to learn, I am learning how
essential it is to follow my Inner
Knowing to do my part.





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Touching In – Pause in 2023 – Pausing While Working Saves The Day!


Pausing While Working – Saves The Day!

Shared by Lisa

I had a Pause moment while working on
acknowledgment letters to our donors who contributed
electronically. I had the list of emails that were entered
by the donors on their contribution forms and I was
constructing emails to each person. As I was typing
in an email address, there was something about the
address that had my Inner Wisdom on alert.

When I realized that my cubicle mind was in auto-drive and
wanting to plow through the list and move on to the next task,
I Paused ~ Stepped Back from everything and followed my
Inner Wisdom. I looked up the person’s email in my contact list
and found a typo in the email they had entered. I corrected the
address on my acknowledgment email, sent it, and
felt a sense of relief that I was able to circumvent a mistake that
would have impacted more than just my time. Had I not Paused, the email
would have gone to wherever it is that emails with wrong
addresses go. But more importantly, the donor would not
have received their acknowledgment letter for their taxes!

It took mere seconds for me to verify the address
and I am SO happy I Paused For My Inner Wisdom!

This Pause saved my day … and the donor’s day too!

Pause Golden Book page 24


Open how? Pause. Pausing is opening. You may
hear a lot about being open, opening ourselves up etc.
The cubicle self does not know how to truly open. It is
closed for business when it comes to opening to
Inspiration! Be opened and open.

Inspiration Within sees all that needs to be
seen and helps you see it too. Even if your vision
is not so clear just yet after opening to Inspiration’s help,
you have been Given an inner flashlight, your Inspired
Heart∞Mind, to lead you through the darkness.

This is the Heart∞Mind with the light on.




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Touching In – Pause 2023 – Grateful for my Parents


Touching In

2nd and 4th Saturdays of the Month

Grateful for My Parents

A Story Shared by David, a Person Practicing Pause

The other day my heart melted as I passed by an elderly couple slowly walking
down the aisle at the grocery store. I Paused and noticed their smiles and
the love they clearly had for one another. In that moment,
I was reminded of my parents, Rosemary and Marshall.
They did so much for my brother and me, often without any thanks from us, and
sometimes with a little rebellion. Now that both of my parents are gone and I
have a daughter of my own, I realize the love they gave to us and the patience
they had with us, and I’m Truly Grateful.

Knowing that I can Pause
and ask Inspiration Within to Help Guide me
to be a Helpful, Loving, and Patient father
to my lovely daughter gives me True Comfort
In the Moment.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Pages 173-174:

Inspiration extends compassion, meaning it has a desire to help.
It helps us by walking with us as a Dear Friend and reminding us of
true compassion; our desire to love, to be loved, and to experience
love. Whispering:

Love unceasingly.
Love without measure.
Love without expectation of receiving,
For in your loving, all receiving is given you.
I will share Love with you. Now it is yours to share.
Is this not the help we seek?

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Touching In – Pause 2023 – My Favorite Date


Touching In

2nd and 4th Saturdays of the Month

“Shopping with my Husband

Shared By Natalie

My husband and I went shopping on Saturday for patio furniture.
There were many options: vinyl-coated wicker, cast aluminum,
wrought iron, Polywood, and more! I knew that I would need to

Pause during this process as my husband likes to take his time, see all of his
options, and shop around to compare pricing. I’m the exact opposite, but I see the
benefit of his approach. So, I Paused throughout the experience and
asked Inner Wisdom to Help.

As a result, we were able to openly communicate our vision for the space, we
on what was a priority and what could wait, and
we exercised patience when listening to one another’s ideas.
Afterward, we went to lunch and both agreed that this was one of our
favorite “dates”.

Grateful for a Pause
and Inner Wisdom’s Help
in the moment.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 352:

Inspiration is longing to Inspire us — Let It.
Inspiration desires to Inspire our relationships — Let It.
How is Love revealing Love to you?
Are you pausing?
Are you listening?
Are you responding?
It is your pausing, listening, and responding to Inspiration Within that is Being Truly Helpful in all of your relationships.
This is the communication that heals, because
this is the communication that joins.

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Touching In – Pause 2023 – Following Inspired Inner Promptings


Bald Eagle In Trees ~ photo by mary

Touching In

2nd and 4th Saturdays of the Month

“Following Inspired Inner Promptings”

Hi, Mary here ~ Touching In.

Encouraging you in 2023 to truly LISTEN and FOLLOW the INSPIRED INNER
PROMPTINGS of your True Self.

This is what your True Self is for. I continue to find that getting to know my
True Self is less about trying to understand my True Self at a theoretical level
or conjuring up some fleeting feel-good experience ~ and more about
listening to and then following my True Self in the midst of everyday life!


Your True Self is giving you Inspired Inner Promptings.
Are you listening?
When I listen to my True Self in the quiet of my Pause~Mind, I receive these promptings.
When I follow, I feel alive!

Feeling Overloaded, Numb, Out of Sync?

I practiced Pausing for Inspiration, for
Love, and received the following Inspired Inner Prompting:

Mary, you are feeling off because you are receiving Inspired Inner Promptings,
but you are ignoring them and pushing them away.

Instead of ignoring them, listen.
In place of resisting them, follow.
Rather than pushing them down, express them.
They are a gift of infinite value.

~ ~ ~

It is through Inspired Inner Promptings that
Wisdom flows.

No worries, your to-do will get done.

What is not yours to do will not be done
by you.

If it is meant to be done, someone will do it.





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