Moving in the Pause

365 Pause Practices Day 245

  THE GREAT EXCHANGE by Mary How can Practicing Pausing for your inner Wisdom be of service to you (and others) when you're having a bad day?Earlier this week I woke up in a negative frame of mind. I paused for Help from my Inner Helper. The self-sabotaging...

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365 Pause Practices Day 241

  Fear of Being LOVED Truly Shared by Mary Through the process of observing my own mind and heart and listening to the minds and hearts of others, I see a commonality ~The fear of being LOVED Truly.The fear associated with coming into the awareness of who you...

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365 Pause Practices Day 238

  EXTRA! EXTRA!READ ALLABOUT IT! People are reporting that giving is naturally happening in theirpresence and it is bringing with it great bouts of joy.We are happy to report that the giving rate is on the increase.People are giving in unthinkable wayswithout even having planned to do so. People...

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