365 Pauses

365 Pause Practices – Day 105


Ask For What You Do Not Realize

So That You May Realize It

“Unwrap forgiveness in whatever it is you have been wrapping it up in and saving
for another day. You may not have another day. The one who is in need of your
for-giving may not have another day.

What are you wrapping un-for-giving in?

Could it be that you believe you are not the recipient of having been forgiven?
That is often the case you know. It is this erroneous belief that keeps you from for-
giving. You do not realize that you have for-giving to give because you do not
realize it has been given you. ASK FOR WHAT YOU DO NOT REALIZE SO THAT YOU

Or maybe you believe that you are not in need of forgiveness. Listen, your Inspired
Self is in no need for it knows who it is in LOVE. But there is this needly little
cubicle self character gnawing at you at all times of the day and night with:




not being good enough


not being “successful”











Recognize the cubicle human condition and be open to a change of mind.

Give it to Inspiration Within in whom all darkness falls away.”

page 167 pause yellow book

Today is a good day to loosen your grip on the past,
on holding grievances.

Open your palms to LOVE

Receive forgiveness, forgive, and accept your
Inspired Heart∞Mind

Place the future in the hands of LOVE

Even in the greatest darkness,

there is an even Greater Light.


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365 Pause Practices – Day 104


From The Beginning

All Else Follows

The Pause Practices are for one willing to experience a change of mind ~
to grow in awareness of one’s INspired Heart∞Mind.

Pause is for one who is ready to begin the sunrise of awakening to LOVE.

It is for one who has already begun and seeks Inspiration along the way.

Pause is helpful for the one who is ready to advance on their path.

For it is in returning to the Beginning again and again that one advances.

To advance is to move towards LOVE.

Pause is for the one who is weary and burdened and ready for rest. And even for those not yet weary of the cubicle race or not quite ready to put the brakes on just yet, but who welcomes an occasional pitstop!

As we Pause, we return to the Beginning ~
The Beginning IS LOVE.
From LOVE All Else Follow.

We become aware of whereabouts we are along the path,

whereabouts we are not ~ that we are not as far along and

advanced as we may have thought ~

and the eventual realization that we do not care nor need

to know whereabouts we are on the path ~






pages 6-7

download complimentary pause yellow book here





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365 Pause Practices – Day 103


Faces of Inspiration

THREE ~ The Helper Companion

Inspiration extends compassion, meaning it has a desire to help.
Walking with us as a Dear Friend and reminding us of
true compassion; our desire to love,
to be loved, and to experience love.

Inspiration Is Whispering to us:

Love unceasingly.

Love without measure.

Love without expectation of receiving.

For in your loving all receiving is given you.

I will share Love with you. Now it is yours to share.

Is this not the help we seek?

pgs. 173-174

~ ~ ~

I asked for Help when Pause went to Ferguson, MO to support the
community. Two truly helpful men, father and son, volunteered to
SHOW UP, and fold Pause T-shirts which we freely distributed.

Practice Asking and Receiving

Pause wherever you are, whatever, you are doing, whoever you are with.

Ask your inner Helper for help with a specific person, situation, communication, solution, etc.

Are you willing to ask, “Is there another way to see this?” “What would be truly helpful now?”

Trust you and others are receiving the Help needed, right now.

Give thanks

You can find the first 2 of the 7 Faces of Inspiration,
Pause Posts Days 95 and 97





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365 Pause Practices – Day 102


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Results From The Deep

So, did you notice yesterday, “What stops you?” As I began receiving emails from folks sharing their experience, I paused again, and asked more specifically, “What is stopping me?” Stopping me from living more inspired, with more peace; stopping me from asking for help from my inner Helper and truly following the Help given?

Recently, I mean really recently, like, since Sunday, I am choosing to be WAY more conscious of slowing down, quieting, and truly listening to what Wisdom is guiding me to say, not say, do, not do.

As I am willing to open and receive from my inner Helper,
little by little,

  • I am seeing how burdens I made up are being lifted off me
  • I am spending time doing what brings true peace, joy
  • I am resting
  • I am moving my body in ways that are in alignment with my inner Wisdom
  • I am not taking what seems rude and disrespectful personally
  • I am relieved that who I am truly, does not engage in useless conflict
  • I am pausing from pressuring myself to do things I don’t feel guided to do
  • I am laughing.
  • I am dancing in the kitchen
  • Hmm

one more question

WHAT DEEPER BELIEFS have I let stop me from pausing and listening to and following this still, small, wise voice? In a pause what I hear is:

  • I am afraid of how following Inspiration may change relationships
  • I am afraid of where my inner Helper is leading
  • I am afraid to withdraw my trust in my cubicle mind perceptions and trust All~ Encompassing LOVE to direct my paths instead

notice a trend?





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365 Pause Practices – Day 101


What Stops You?

About to walk upstairs to create today’s Pause Post, having no idea what it will be, the green outside our window catches my senses. “Oh, I think I’ll open the door and step outside to see how the air feels.” My closed, reactive cubicle mind interferes with this lovely thought saying, “You don’t have time to go outside, you’d have to turn off the alarm, and move the sculpture blocking the doorway, get to work . . .” I pause.

In this pause, I recognize this ridiculous rattling on. As I step back, I remember that I have a choice. Am I going to let this minuscule voice keep me from enjoying the moist air after the rain? That nourishing smell that spring rain splatters upon us? NO, I AM NOT! I turn off the alarm, move the thing, open the door, and step outside.

Grateful for a Pause

The air melts my mind, a choir of birds engages in their morning practice,
a baby bird high on a distant branch is munching brunch, while
a puddle of water at my feet, rocks soaking, receives the
dropping water from the gutter overhead.

What stops you from pausing, and

merging into a healing moment

giving a smile

exchanging a kind word

taking in good news

connecting with a friend

walking around the block


singing in the car


What stops you from listening to Inspiration
in one true pause, and following?






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365 Pause Practices – Day 100


A Beautiful Sunday


Pause for a Day of Rest

Here at Pause we are inviting and encouraging you to rest.
Rest is as act of LOVE in you.

Each Sunday we will supply a Pause Practice
that you can use; INSPIRING you to connect
with the Spirit of Rest in you.

Practicing The Pause can help you rest, INspiring:

  • Helpful and direct communication in conversations, text messaging, emails
  • Calm and wise interactions with a specific person/relationship
  • Getting out of your own way in any situation; work, home, play
  • Preventing conflict
  • Finding resolutions by receiving wise solutions
  • Kindness and patience on the spot with family and about in the world
  • Receiving help with decisions seeming large or small
  • Ease and efficiency with an activity or task
  • Connecting with the creative spark in you and giving LIFE expression
  • Simply slowing down and being with life moment-to-moment

Pause ~ Step Back ~ Step Aside ~ Let Inspiration Guide






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365 Pause Practices – Day 99


Pause for Your Healthy Spirit

What Have You Got To Lose?

A gentleman who receives the Pause Posts sent a kind note
saying that he supports what Pause is
“doing to support healthy spirit in our lives.”



The fact is you have a Healthy Spirit of Peace available

to you all throughout the day.

We can Pause and Call Upon Our Spirit

wherever we are, whatever we are doing,

and whomever we are with.

Receive the HELP you need and be shown

how to help others.

What Have You Got To Lose?


How’s that for a Net Gain?

What Have You Got To Lose?

Everyone has already experienced their Inspired Self ~ a moment of Peace, Joy, Love.

Don’t believe everyone has an Inspired Self? Who is making this statement? The cubicle self; for an Inspired Self would never place such limits on anyone.

When the suspicious cubicle self feels threatened, it can attack with viciousness.

Inspiration is moving through all of us in all ways. We simply need to notice it.

Click Here to Lose Dispiritedness

Pause Books

Pause For Inspiration

in the midst of everyday life

Kids Can Pause and

Parents Too!





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365 Pause Practices – Day 98


A Change of Heart

the cubicle heart

Your Inspiring Heart

What is the cubicle heart?What IS an Inspiring Heart?
The cubicle heart takes itself way too seriouslyAn Inspiring Heart knows that
seriousness leads to the hardening
of the heart.
The cubicle heart has no room for gratitudeAn Inspiring Heart is a room full of gratitude
The cubicle heart is on lockdownAn Inspiring Heart is open
The cubicle heart desires thingsAn Inspiring Heart desires to be
The cubicle heart sees the world as
its foe or potential conquest.
An Inspiring Heart sees the world
as its playground and the land upon which to serve.
The cubicle heart allies itself with conflictAn Inspiring Heart is aligned with peace
The cubicle heart takesAn Inspiring Heart gives
The cubicle heart shieldsAn Inspiring Heart receives
The cubicle heart hoardsAn Inspiring Heart shares
The cubicle heart counts its lossesAn Inspiring Heart shares its gains
The cubicle heart seeks passionAn Inspiring Heart is passion
The cubicle heart guessesAn Inspiring Heart knows
The cubicle heart liesAn Inspiring Heart is wise
The cubicle heart is down and outAn Inspiring Heart is within and without





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365 Pause Practices – Day 97



Tuesday I shared THE BREATH as ONE of the “Faces of Inspiration”

~ ~ ~

THE COMFORTER is the SECOND of the “Faces of Inspiration”

This Comforter was brought forth to sustain your spirit,

yet you sustain the Comforter by

allowing The Comforter

to comfort.”

page 173

download complimentary pause yellow book

How Can We Experience This Comfort?

To be comforted is to be assured safety. Safety from what? From the thought that you are alone; it is this thought of aloneness that brings on the experience of feeling unsafe which traps us in fear.

One day I stopped into a nearby monastery to pause for some quiet time. I began with the thought, “Thank you.” No sooner did I extend the thought of gratitude,

I heard the unspoken words of Inspiration respond,
“I am thankful for you.”

My eyes opened wide. I was floored! Never in my life did I realize that Inspiration Within is thankful for me, thankful for each and every one of us!

Comfort is always flowing within and all around us to receive.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 96


Above artwork by Mary Kirkou

Pause For Sanity

from distraction to attraction

In a pause I receive from my inner Wisdom:

Being sane or insane boils down to whether I am being who I am as LOVE pours forth or whom I have decided to be on the run from LOVE.

The problem comes when it is the distracted “me” – distracted by
its self-agenda – running from LOVE because it has
imagined a LOVE that is not LOVE at all.

We have to be out of sorts to attempt to think we know LOVE
when we working so hard every day to escape LOVE ~
Gone out dancing with our own special little me-character.

Oh, what a night of fun, lavish tablecloths, schemes, and dreams,
disco lights making their own beams.
It’s a dream all right.
Want to WAKE UP?

Sanity Calls When We Least Expect

Last night while watching “Midsomer Murders”, I begin to feel an inner prompting to pause which I did while continuing to watch tv – the beauty of PAUSE. I gradually began to place more focus on the inner pause and less on the big screen. As I did so, I decided to pause the tv and began a quiet Pause for Healing from the disturbing, insane appearances of our world.

The result was astonishing. I turned away from trying to distract myself from the insanity, by turning towards sanity.

There is, in my experience, a peace not of this world that lays awake in my mind. It is my willingness to focus on this peace that shifts my mind from insanity to sanity ~ peace of mind.





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