365 Pauses

365 Pause Practices – Day 35

Pausing for Wisdom is easily applicable and

potentially beneficial

no matter what one’s point of view

How are we to know how our decisions, seeming large or small, will affect our own life and the lives of others? This is the point, we do not know everything and we are not expected to know everything. So, we can PAUSE.

In pausing and stepping back, awareness of ones’

Inspired Heart∞Mind can enter and Wisdom generously

shares a Bigger Picture showing us what can be

truly helpful in the grand scheme of things.

(pg. 18-19)

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KIDS 4 – 104







A Detour – Another Road

I am in the kitchen cooking and watching the news. My eyes and ears light up when I hear a man being interviewed sharing his views. Out of habit I think, “Oh, here we go again.” Then, all of a sudden, I paused.

As he is speaking about how he sees things, something in my mind drops away – my pigeon-holing him. It is as if I am being taken on a detour away from how I see things so I can open to his perception which is very different from my own perception.

He becomes like a window and my inner sight begins seeing him in a deeper way. His shadow falls away, as my judgments fall away. I am now seeing beyond all of our differences.

My detour has taken me down Another Road and we are fellow travelers in this human condition. Though we may appear separate, we are alongside one another in this human condition as Inspiration walks alongside us.

In a few moments of pause, I saw how it is that he sees what he sees, and, how it is that I see what I see. I am grateful Wisdom set up a detour and I followed. Another Way gives hope that help is always available if I am willing to let LOVE sweep my mind of that which is not helpful.

Looking through this BIGGER WINDOW I will see where I am led from here.

Thank you my fellow traveler for sharing your experience.

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365 Pause Practices – Day 34

What a relief. What a relief to pause.

Pause instead of judge.

Pause instead of talk.

Pause instead of analyze.

The greatest obstacle to pausing is judging (pg. 70).

The Question Is This

We all judge. Before my judging begins or as I notice my judging is in full swing, I can be willing to Pause, Step Back, and ask inner Wisdom, “Who is it that is judging? My self-absorbed, self-centered heart ÷ mind or my mind aware of Love, Wisdom – my Inspired Heart ∞ Mind?

pg. 18


That’s easy. Me. We all have a love affair with judgment because we are having a love affair with our cubicle self – the me-character.

For example, Inspiration is guiding me to go to a particular place at a particular time to participate in something that brings me much JOY and nourishment. No brainer, right? No. Why? I feel obligated to be someplace else, doing something else at the same time. I can have a good experience there, but it is not where my Inspired Heart ∞ Mind is drawing me to BE.

So I “should” myself into being involved in a situation that doesn’t feed me the way the other does. “Shoulding” comes from judging myself as guilty if I do what I am INspired to do!

Thankfully, in a moment of feeling something’s gotta shift, I paused, reached a point of totally stepping back from judging myself, and The Voice for LOVE stepped in. LOVE was clear and succinct in directing me to do what I have been INspired to do because that is what is truly in my best interest! Not what I think I should do to try and please someone else. Which ironically, probably isn’t pleasing them anyway!!!

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365 Pause Practices – Day 33

Stop Turning Ridiculousness

Into More Ridiculousness

WORRY! Worry is mistakenly viewed as a way to protect myself from harm.

All safety begins in the mind. A mind at peace is a mind that is safe. As feelings of vulnerability arise, be open to Inspiration living inside of me –


We have access to a mind that was not composed by fear,

but by Love. Let this be the mind, your Inspired Mind,

doing any required figuring.

(PAGE 17-18)

Shall I attack back?

The other day I was inspired in my morning pause to send a text message out to a group of friends about my realizing how much I wanted peace of mind. One person immediately reacted with what I perceived and experienced as an attack. This person took my healing awareness as an opportunity to hide behind words that clearly implied that they were happy that I am now seeing the world the way they see the world!!! WHAT?

Honestly, initially I didn’t pause. I reacted with trying to FIGURE out how to attack back in a similarly underhanded fashion! I figured it would have to be well-disguised and cloaked in “love”, but then I worried because I knew I was hurdling myself and others down a treacherous path. Yes, now I paused.

In my pausing, I watched my figuring, worry, and then I leaned into LOVE.

Turns out that what I perceived as an attack was increasing

motivation for me to continue Pausing for My Helpful Self.

I began laughing out loud and my feeling hurt and plotting

on how to attack back fell away. LOLOL

Stop turning ridiculousness into more ridiculousness!


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365 Pause Practices – Day 32


yellow book page 58

Yeah, yeah, I know you’ve heard this before. What plan? The plan you are not making, tracking and predicting; that’s what plan. You have a limited amount of time here on this earth. Do you really want to spend it devising a plan that is all about you and your “best” interests”? How’s it going? Maybe it’s going well, maybe not. “I have a plan for you,” rings the voice of Certainty.

We often think about how to live life, but we get only so far in this life because we have forgotten LIFE. LIFE is the gift. LIFE itself is the plan, the gift. Not solely your human being life; I speak of LIFE. LIFE is that which we are seeking that cannot be planned by you for it has already been planned for you, with you and given you.

This is the aliveness you are seeking. It is Within.

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Take something that you are thinking of planning (dentist appointment, colonoscopy, lunch with a friend, family gathering, Valentine’s day) or have

already planned (vacation, today’s TO-DO list, a conversation, work)

and use PAUSE as a PRACTICE

in being willing to receive the INSPIRED PLAN from LIFE ITSELF.


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365 Pause Practices – Day 31

To Step Back Is to First Notice What

I am Stepping Into!


Stepping back from thinking appears to be nonsense. However, Inspiration is not thinking what you are thinking when Inspiration says, “step back from thinking.” To step back is to first notice what it is I am stepping into. Notice how you step forth in your mind without pausing to see whereabouts you are headed! What is it that draws you into certain thinking that holds no future for you? No real future.

Ask yourself when you choose to remember, “Am I here to share peace or commit to the ongoing pain of myself and my fellow travelers here in this world, on this earth? Is it not worth a moment of your preciousness to humble yourself to peace?

All that will be humbled is the hatred and unworthiness

you carry on your back and

ask others to carry for you. Let it go. (pg. 16)

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What Was I Thinking?

Yesterday I shared feeling overwhelmed, I paused and followed My Helpful Self’s guidance to practice Self-care. So glad I did!

Now, what were the thoughts behind my feelings? You too. Do you want to uncover the thoughts behind the lack of peace you may be feeling?

Wanna Pause? Rest, breathe, open to calm, let your heart be quiet a moment.

Look at your thoughts underlying your feelings. What are they? Mine are: I am in this alone. Where will I find time for this? I’m excited for this opportunity but worried about what is priority. Your thoughts?

Perhaps you notice some sensations in your body with these thoughts and feelings. I sense a heaviness in my chest. You?

Be willing to welcome Help. What is your Inner Helper thinking? Mine says, “Mary, you are only in this alone if you want to be. I will provide, but you have to let go of what you THINK is your part.” Ahh.

Let Inspiration Guide. I trust there is a Peace and Knowing greater than what I am thinking yet still within me.

My Practice: Letting go of what

I THINK is my part.

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365 Pause Practices – Day 30

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How Can Feelings Help You?

page 16

Fretting over stones in one’s path is like wishing fruit did not have seeds. Seeds have value in that they bring forth the fruit. Feelings have value. Turning them over to Inspiration Within reveals their true value for then what lies beneath the feelings comes to the surface – into conscious awareness. . . Feelings are not to be removed from our consciousness, rather noted and felt, like the passing of an inner breath and relinquished so a new breath may come into being. Nothing more, nothing less are feelings.

Is The Kid In You Calling You To Play In

The Land of Inspiration?

Feelings can rise up from our kid self and draw us into our kid. The kid in us, aside from being playful, can be stuck in past hurts, confusion, and trauma.

So, today I share the KIDS CAN PAUSE PRACTICE.




I just followed the Inspiration I received below in practicing. My feeling landscape has shifted. I am taking care of myself.





Right now, pause. What’s on your mind that is pulling on you? What feelings are showing up? For example, I realized in the middle of the night that I have way too many projects on my plate – all seeming to have equal priority. I feel overwhelmed and over-committed. How did I let this happen, again? What are you feeling now about what’s on your mind?

Breathe. I feel my feelings. Feel your feelings. . . I Step Back so My Helpful Self can step in. Your Helpful Self is the LOVE in you. Let LOVE in.

Being still, I listen within to My Helpful Self. I see that I can choose to squint my vision and see stress everywhere or I can see the Helpful Presence of LOVE everywhere. Look upon your feelings with the eyes of LOVE.

Ask Your Helpful Self, “What is Safe, Kind, and Helpful now?” Your Helpful Self will point you in a helpful direction. I hear that I need lunch, step away from the computer and fold laundry, and go join the fitness center that keeps coming into my awareness.

What eyes are you using to see you today?

My Helpful Self is my True Friend because a True Friend encourages me.

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365 Pause Practices – Day 29


living life at the mercy of one’s feelings

is like living life on a limb

page 16

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Your strongest urges are seen in how you feel. Making one’s feelings the authority over life and day-to-day decisions is a path that puts many stones in your way. All paths in this world have stones or they would not be paths. In and of themselves, stones are not bad. Stones are natural on the path of human life experience. Some feelings feel like huge stones in your path. They seem to bounce up and hit you, or another, right between the eyes. They appear around your feet making it difficult to move. Not to worry. There is another way. (page 16)

Tomorrow: How Can Feelings Help?

Trusting Feelings?

I am highly aware of my feelings, sometimes too much so. If feelings are from Inspiration, I have sustained energy. If they are from my cubicle self, they trigger highs, dashing lows, and consume my energy.

Behind feelings is the structure from which they arise – a thought/belief structure. Feelings can provide deep insight into one’s foundational beliefs, reasoning, and logic. Ego is a feeling extravaganza being led by the nose. Wisdom supplies feelings that INSPIRE, sustain, and clarify

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365 Pause Practices – Day 28

and the boat whispered

getting out of my own way

page 15

There will be experiences of unrest in all this as it is appropriate that the old ways of being shall resist and experiencing strain is to be expected.

Imagine a boat ready to set sail and how the tattered rope that has been keeping it tied to the shore efforts to do its job. Not realizing its job has come to its finish, the rope is busy holding on, pulling, yanking, wearying itself, tearing itself apart, unraveling, giving it one last good shot, coming back for another round in an attempt to keep its job or do a better job. All the while, the boat whispers to the rope, “It is finished.” Your old ways are the rope. You are the boat. Set sail.

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We taught PAUSE at Roosevelt High School.

This is a photo I took of a mural the students painted.

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Mary’s Dare – Day 28

“It is finished.” I love those spoken words. A full release. A letting go. Each pause a relinquishment of my cubicle self. Every step back a loosening of my bare knuckle grip on that which no longer serves me. Tiptoeing out of my closed heart so no one will hear, in case I decide to turn around and close again. Trembling as I dare to open to healing waters, one foot in the boat, one foot out. Hoping for Something Real. Not to fall prey to a worn out ego defense against Love, tethering me to the shore with memories of past hurts in its threatening words, “I told you Love isn’t worth it.” I turn to face the Sun.

A little willingness to receive

Love’s Way

is my dare.


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365 Pause Practices – Day 27


not only a women’s thing

Following Up on Yesterday’s Pause As Promised!

Whether it’s jealousy towards another woman in my heart or picking up on another woman being jealous of me and I have no idea why, jealousy is a painful experience. I feel it in my body first – belly tightens, heart closes, then I notice the ego stance: comparing myself to her, labeling her, I know more than her or I feel less than her…women know the story.

Here’s what I practice: I pause, I feel my feelings, see my thoughts and STEP BACK to get out of my own way, I breathe, give some space, I open to Inspiration within whose source IS LOVE. I ask, “Is there another way to see this?” and “What would be truly helpful now?” I hopefully remember to LET LOVE, LOVE ME and LET LOVE, LOVE HER.

I am feeling better already

I listen WITHIN to Inspiration and choose whether or not to follow the Wisdom received OR HANG ON TO MY JUDGMENTS. If I follow LOVE, ego chatter ceases, pulse slows down, deep breaths, and I begin seeing what it is to get out of my own way.

Now I am present-centered

If I’m honest, I’m projecting an unhealed wound. For example, many years ago, I liked this woman and her expertise in her field, yet I was against her in some way. In the pause, I saw that I was jealous of her because she was embodying something in her life that I wanted to be embodying in my life, but was afraid. I was afraid because I was holding the same judgment against myself that I was holding against her; I was believing one of the ego’s main deceptive accusations, “Who do you think you are?”

Once I realized this AND I wanted to love myself and her, the jealousy fell away. I was able to look at this “who do you think you are ” fear voice, with LOVE and LEARN MORE!

I came to forgive myself, to see both myself and her with LOVE, be inspired by her, and take steps towards embodying my life more fully as guided by Inner Wisdom.

The irony is that I eventually came to see that I didn’t want to be doing what she was doing after all. Inner Wisdom had ANOTHER PLAN FOR ME! LOLOLOL

love has a better way for you



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365 Pause Practices – Day 26


Tomorrow I Will Share My Miracle Story

Yep, it happens. Women feeling in competition with women, vengeance, jealousy, gossip, hate – fear in all its many forms. We get into our primitive poses driven by the nervous system, biology, culture, and the thought of separation from LOVE, thus fear. This is usually unconscious.

We rise up and clamp down into self-protective mode and a survival of the fittest stance at church, social gatherings, work, etc. I have experienced this and I imagine most, if not all of you, at one time or another, have turned green! LOLOL. So, how can we women heal the fear in our hearts and minds?


Hold on. This isn’t an ego substitute for “love” – not a cozy wozy, warm fuzzy so I can feel better for a minute practice – then return to lunch over gossip.

Seems that the reason we fear, therefore hate, is because

we don’t feel loved.

PAUSE FOR LOVE is a practice in letting LOVE, love you so

you can truly love yourself and others.

LOOKOUT for tomorrow’s Pause in which I share a personal story of how I applied the Pause Practice to heal jealousy.

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