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365 Pause Practices – Day 2

The Best Functioning Mind Is
The Mind At Rest



Resting is an act of LOVE in you. Relieve this restless self of itself. Receive a replenishing afternoon nap in any true moment – the moment of pause. The best functioning mind is the mind at rest. Let Inner Wisdom rest your restless mind.

Be Well

Mary’s Pause – Day 2

An Unseen Pause

Today I Practiced The Pause to take care of something that I’ve been putting off. I “predicted” in my crowded to-do mind that I didn’t have time to do this thing. Once I MADE THE DECISION TO PAUSE and STEP BACK from thinking I know what the future holds, what I thought would take at least 30′ and be a pain in the butt to boot, took 10′. And, the truly helpful staff persons at both stores ended the calls wishing me a, “You have a good day.” Pausing saves time. Yes, I am laughing now at my put off until ….. mind.

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365 Pause Practices – Day 1

This Moment Pause

PAUSE is a SIMPLE, PRACTICAL, UNCOMPLICATED PRACTICE for quieting my mind, getting out of my own way, and inviting inner Wisdom into my awareness. I can choose to follow this Helpful Wisdom that I receive to help myself and give help to others ~ IN THE MIDST OF EVERYDAY LIFE. The choice is always mine.

I hope these 365 Pauses encourage you to Practice The Pause & experience your Inner Wisdom wherever you are, whatever you are doing, and whomever you are with. Your own pausing will strengthen your trust in This Truly Helpful Inner Wisdom and Inner Present LOVE that is always safe, always patient, always giving Peace, and always with us.



There is a LOVE that loves me.

No matter what.

Always, Unwavering, Forever.


With this breath I let This LOVE ~ love me.

With this breath I receive This LOVE.

I receive This Unwavering LOVE.

I let This LOVE ~ love me.


In this moment what does This LOVE want to share with me? How do I love myself?


As I truly let This LOVE, love me, I will truly love others.


Patterns of LOVE

Mary’s Pause

Today I pause. I listen not to those passing thoughts and fleeting emotions that may cause pain and suffering. No. I step back. I listen to the patterns of LOVE in me in which I am assured that I am cherished and truly valued, as are ALL OF US.

HAPPY to hear from you: Mary@PauseForInspiration.org

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Unmasking Your Helpful Self

It is SO hard to remain somewhat sane and productive when every day is the same as the day before. Talk about Groundhog’s Day! It was great fun to watch on the screen but not so fun to experience it in real life. To help get myself through I heard to make masks, so masks I made. I lost count on how many masks I have made and have resigned myself to make more if needed.

Last Friday I stopped by a Post Office that I rarely go to as I was running some errands and it was convenient. I really love this little Post Office – small and efficient! I like that. At the counter, I noticed the clerk, Tiffany, was wearing a thin, flimsy paper mask – the kind that is meant to be worn once and tossed. This particular mask looked like it had seen a day or three, or more. The elastic was stretched, the nose piece was missing but it was covering her nose and mouth and providing some protection. Something is better than nothing…right? Long story short – I was going to deliver a mask to her on the following Monday.

Monday comes and it is just beautiful outside. The weather could not have been more pleasant and I was looking forward to getting out of the house for a spell. My husband decided he would like to take the drive with me and we decide to grab some take-away and have lunch outside somewhere. We drive the twenty minutes to the Post Office to drop off the mask and when we get there we discover a line.  GREAT! This is going to take a while, lunch will wait.

So I get my gear on – mask, gloves, glasses – and go to stand in line. Feeling a little rushed for time, I ask the three other people if they would mind if I jumped ahead in line since I just had masks to drop off and was not doing any business. They were all very nice and had no problem with my request. However, when I looked in through the window I noticed that Tiffany was not at the counter and there were three more people inside – one shaking her head that no, I could not jump ahead of her. Okay, now what? Drop the masks with the other clerk – that makes sense. To the back of the line I go and I am content knowing that I am going to be standing in line for a bit. I was fine with the waiting, as I said it was a beautiful day out and my husband was reclining in his seat enjoying the warmth of the sun. After standing in line for about five minutes I heard, “Turn around” inside my head. What? Turn around? Why? Okay, fine, I turn around and there is someone walking up to the back door. Hey! I recognize that lady! So I say loudly, “Tiffany?” and sure as the sun was shining brightly in the sky, Tiffany turns and starts walking toward me! I deliver the masks and head on my way. Easy! I was finished with my errand in five minutes and enjoyed a semi-normal moment with my husband having lunch at an empty neighborhood gazebo.

Your Helpful Self is always present, always guiding. We just need to take to time to listen and follow. Try going with the flow of Your Helpful Self and see where you can save time and ease frustrations in your life. Right now is a great time to Pause For Your Helpful Self!

Lisa H.
Pause Crew Member

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An Even Greater Light

Even in the greatest darkness there is an even greater light. This truly helpful Wisdom came to me years ago. It was truly helpful because it gave me HOPE. Sometimes if we cling to the present moment because it’s so good we fear it might disappear, we miss out on what the “next” present moment has to share. So, we can lose hope because hope is present. While using The Pause Practice, I heard “PAUSE is a Present Hope.” I love that! Rather than hope being a vague wishful thinking, I saw that hope is a clear, certain, current state of being inspiring joy.

I haven’t usually seen myself as a person who practices hope, not real hope anyway. Yes, I might hope something bad didn’t happen, but I’d say that was more like trusting that if I worried enough a good thing might happen. Or I might hope for this or hope for that as if invoking magic which didn’t seem connected to reality and therefore was meaningless and unreliable.

Now, hope is distinctly different for me. Hope is not so much a thought or a feeling. Hope is what comes when I release my worries, fears, desires, anxieties and seeking perfection – this is the “Step Back” move of The Pause Practice, “I am willing to get out of my own way” and then say “Yes” to what is behind the veil of my own way or my self. By “self” I mean self-absorption or as we call it in PAUSE, “the me-character.” The self we humans fall into like an out of sight puddle on a sunny day….whoa, where did that come from!

How can one experience True Hope in these dark times? What I am experiencing is that the stance of “YES” creates hope. Yes, that’s it. When I am willing to get out of my own way, and trust my “Yes” to what is present behind the veil of darkness. Suddenly, I also now have a completely differently experience of what it is to practice trust. I thought I was trusting, but really what I was doing was relying upon my “self” for helpful answers that it does not have access to! I have been trusting that which is untrustworthy – this disconnected, dispirited self. That’s not even trust, that’s clinging. There is a difference. Now as I say “Yes”, I naturally relax into a place of trusting that which truly can be trusted – the greater light even in the appearance of the greatest darkness. Wow, I have dealt with “trust issues” my whole life. Now I see why. I wasn’t truly trusting. I was clinging. True trust is freedom.

Trust is not at all what I imagined trust to be! When I say “Yes” to Light even though I may feel darkness is consuming me or the world, I can begin to experience what it truly is to trust and the joy that comes with trusting “Yes.”

Here’s the bottom line:  “YES”IS A PRESENT HOPE. Hmm, I guess that means The Pause Practices are a YES! Even in the greatest darkness there is a Greater Light. Say “Yes.”


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Teacher Blazing A Pause Trail To The Moon


National Outstanding Educator and Project Green Tree Trailblazing Teacher, Kathy Rusert, is blazing a trail teaching students, parents and teachers the practice of “Pause For Your Helpful Self”. Ms. Rusert is using our new book, Kids Can Pause and Parents Too! Get to Know Your Helpful Self and the Kids Can Pause, Parents Can Pause and Teachers Can Pause Practices. We are deeply grateful for Ms. Rusert, retired teacher, who is far from retired! She is putting her Inspired Mind to use in never ending ways and her heart to inspire and expand the minds of the kids, parents and teachers with so many unique approaches is amazing to say the least!


Kathy shares, “With this being the 50th anniversary for the Moon landing, I have been busy teaching NASA workshops (even in Roswell, NM!).  PAUSE strategy strengthens teaching folks to step back, be silent, and enjoy the world around us, so I spend about 30 minutes or more teaching a mini-lesson on PAUSE. The library programs this summer are  themed around the universe, so kids are also learning to PAUSE with the Apollo programming. I’m also scheduled to do a school workshop for Waldron Public Schools . . . it is a Project Wild Workshop (8 hours) but I plan on about an hour for PAUSE.  These will be teachers and administrators.” 


She taught workshops in 2017 on the Solar Eclipse for students AND parents.  “Not only will the science supporting the eclipse be included, but also sun danger awareness and benefits from the sun’s energy (light/heat/photosynthesis…) The strategy of pausing, step back, aside, and receiving inspiration from this natural event will be taught to reinforce the importance of seeing the “big picture.” AND LOTS MORE!!!


Pause For Inspiration provides our new book for free, as we are able, to schools, community organizations serving children and parents, and proactive individuals who work to get them to people and into places who will make good use of them. Our revised second edition (5,500 free copies of the first edition have already gone out the door ) includes a TEACHERS CAN PAUSE page including the Pause Practice Card specifically created to help teachers in and out of the classroom.


Thank you Kathy Rusert for sharing these pics that OPEN MY HEART and for INSPIRING THE PAUSE CREW and TRAIL BLAZERS EVERYWHERE TO KEEP ON BLAZING! (Your Helpful Self IS a Trail Blazer in everyday life . . . try the Pause!)


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Annual Day of LOVE – Roosevelt High School

The Mentor Within told me 16 years ago, “Speak to the crowd.” Why sit back? Go forth, be with, share the light and see the light within others. If people won’t come to the LOVE, I am trekking out with LOVE to Love the people! LOVE? What’s that? LOVE is saying “Yes” to the JOY intrinsically available in the moment. Roosevelt High School invited PAUSE to participate in the LOVE! Laughter, playfulness, community, conversation, fun and good old hanging out! Gotta love it.


An unusually cold May spring day, Lisa, Pause Helper, and I bundled up and met up at Roosevelt High School in the south city of St. Louis, Missouri excited to share the LOVE, and so we did! We got our PAUSE table with the full spread of our free PAUSE PRACTICE materials set-up and ready to go. Initially, we were not getting a crowd of folks around our table, well honestly, no one was coming to our bright, colorful table loaded with free goodies!!! What’s going on????? Hmm. We didn’t bring candy. After 45 minutes, I thought if the people won’t come to the LOVE, LOVE is going to the people.


I loaded up my hands and pockets with the PAUSE and headed out into the crowd.  Instead of fretting about no one checking out our Pause table, I took the Pause into my own hands, literally, and moseyed around the open air festivities. The teachers and students were very inquisitive about Pause and totally willing to receive the “Pause For Your Helpful Self” Practice cards and books. Our conversations were down to earth and mutually educational and  inspiring. 


One teen immediately rejected the Pause materials because she said she has tried everything and nothing works. She has meditated, read books . . . As I listened to her, she shared that she dealt with depression and anxiety and nothing was helping. I began to share my story with her and she listened intently and began to smile. Now arm in arm we waltzed – well kind of – over to the Pause table. She picked up the Pause yellow book, perused inside and thrillingly asked, “I can have this?” “Yes, it’s yours for free,” Lisa replied. Her smile and alive energy were contagious. We took a fun photo together (not shown) after she insisted she was too ugly to be in a photo; and this young girl was astoundingly beautiful inside and out … she glowed from within. I will always remember her because of the LOVE that brought us together. 


Initially that day I wasn’t sure why I was present at this event, but after being with this young girl I heard within, “Mary,  you were there to be with her.” Sometimes we are just supposed to show up!



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Youth In Need Educators Learn Pause Dance To Share With Families

 Up on their feet rockin’ a PAUSE DANCE taught by Eileen Wolfington, Coordinator of Health & Wellness for Kingdom House. Open Minds, Open Hearts as The Pause Crew joins with educators to share the gift of Pause! These teachers work in childcare centers and go into homes to help parents learn how to be teachers for their children. Youth in Need and Pause for Inspiration are a good fit because of our mutual focus on exploring and using both our internal strengths and external resources – one another and the community in which we live. We shared our new book, Kids Can Pause and Parents Too! Get to Know Your Helpful Self. 

Mission of Youth in Need:  To build on the strengths of children, youth and families so they find safety, hope and success  in life.

I am grateful for Karina Crouch, Professional Development Manager, Youth in Need – Head Start, for inviting PAUSE FOR INSPIRATION to teach “The Pause For Your Helpful Self Practice” to these caring and hard working educators. Thank you educators for sharing and teaching the PAUSE PRACTICES to the families you serve. Great work!





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St. Louis Public Schools Transition for Life Fair

The transition from high school to adult life can be tricky business to say the least. I remember feeling totally lost after high school graduation. I had a job at McDonald’s Hamburgers, but where do I go from here?

The Pause Crew had a blast being with these special-education students from numerous St. Louis Public High Schools for 5 presentations! Daniel Bandres, a tennis pro, shared how he experiences the value of the PAUSE FOR YOUR HELPFUL SELF practice and the students were wowed by his passion and real life stories. Bridget Long, educator, shared how using The Pause Practice helped her experience greater peace in her relationships. I, Mary, had a moment of inspired tap dancing that I discovered is a good way to get people’s attention! The students yelled out, “Do that again!” Even that was sharing about PAUSE. We never know how our HELPFUL SELF will reach into the moment showing us what to say or do that can bring joy and laughter.

The mission of Transition Services is to provide students, and their parents, with support and assistance in searching for a job, job training, secondary education opportunities and other health-related issues as they grow towards independence.

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Immigrant Women Pause

I don’t have time to pause. I get it. Women often feel, and I imagine men too, who will do the dishes, make dinner, go to work, help the homeless, volunteer, pray, hope, love? Who? Women can feel pushed to do more, go faster, don’t slow down, be superhuman, you go girl, don’t stop, be a man? Sound familiar? As daughters, mothers, caregivers, sisters, teachers, mentors, helpers … how can I be truly helpful to anyone if I’ve run myself down to the bone? Pause in the midst of everyday life.

I am eternally grateful for these women at Kingdom House, a local nonprofit founded in 1902 as a settlement house by a shoe manufacturing executive who wanted to help the poor, many of whom were immigrants. The settlement house movement was popular at this time, spreading across the United States. Being with these amazing women who were willing to get out of their comfort zone – and who no doubt know what it is like to get out of one’s comfort zone – was healing, real and meant something to me that I will try to voice.

Lisa and I enter the gym and I am there to teach Inspiration In Motion. I don’t speak Spanish, so I am grateful for Eileen Wolfington, Coordinator of Health & Wellness at Kingdom House, for interpreting. The women are trickling in coming from work, we circle up some folding chairs and I pass around our Spanish Pause Practice Card, PAUSA PARA INSPIRACION. We begin with a Pause.

In the gym there was a palpable openness and willingness to practice INSPIRATION IN MOTION that set my heart in gear to be present with these women – this wasn’t a performance, interview, lecture or presentation – no, it was women being real together. Being real because we were willing to truly be present, let down our guard, let go of our plans, and let the letting be.

An undercurrent of peaceful music in the background, I began leading them through the Pause for Inspiration 4-Step practice, line-by-line, but without any instruction on how to move. Rather, each woman receiving the Pause within herself and being moved by Inspiration Within. Not dancing, trying to look spiritual or coordinated or whatever. Not at all. Literally listening to Inner Present Love, receiving and letting the self unwind.

One by one as we circled again the women shared the most down-to-earth, insightful, and practical words about their experiences such as: Shedding tears of grief because this was the first time I’ve really been able to cry about the loss to how I see my yelling at my children is not making a better life for them and how I could use Pause in my daily life. I am stunned, grateful and still speechless.

Thank you Kingdom House. Here is their mission: To help people achieve a better life. Through holistic programs and services, we help the economically disadvantaged achieve economic independence, self-sufficiency and a path out of poverty.

Order 20 FREE Pause Practice Cards just $3 shipping at PauseForInspiration.org

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Tennis Player from Venezuela On Love

“You start loving you when you start pausing. We have to be in touch with ourselves. How do we find a way through our problems? Pause. Your Helpful Self will make good decisions for you – we think too much,” Danny Bandres volunteered to share the Pause for Your Helpful Self Practice with a group of teens from two St. Louis high schools who are looking to better themselves.

Danny encountered the Pause for Your Helpful Self Practice and was immediately willing to apply it to playing tennis. When he saw how much it improved his ability to be more present, calm and focused, he decided to use it in everyday life. One day his bathtub plumbing exploded! He shared that in the past he would have exploded along with it, but he remembered he could Pause, Step Back, Step Aside and Let his Helpful Self Guide. Needless to say it was game, set, match for Danny versus the household snafu.

The high school students listened intently to Danny as he shared his own life experience saying, “I wish when I was your age someone would have told me I could be better, but my mind was bad. You have to work at being better. It takes practice.”

Danny spoke about how we listen to television and everyone else telling us who we are. “We want to be like that big guy or this person. We need to listen to what’s inside us. Listen to and accept who you are truly and start loving yourself; Pause for Your Helpful Self.”

Life is about loving you and loving the people around you,” says Danny. Thank you Danny for volunteering your time to give what you have received practicing The Pause.

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