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365 Pause Practices – Day 173


Pausing Resets Your Life

Shared by Natalie, a Pause Crew Member

Have you ever felt like you were being judged?

I guess we have all felt this way at some point in our lives.

Well, just the other day I noticed something shift with someone I know

and I felt like I was being judged in that moment,

just a hint of judgment perhaps,

but it was there in something they said

(or did or something someone else told me).

I began experiencing a sense of uncertainty and concern

about myself and the relationship.

I got caught up in it for a moment and then realized,

I can Pause!

Even though I Paused,

I found myself going back to trying to figure things out,

so it was a moment-by-moment exercise

between Pausing and not Pausing.

Finally, while in a Pause,

I was reminded that I need not worry about

what another may think or say about me.

Regardless of what happens outside of me

I am always Safe, Healed, and Whole

I am grateful for this Wise Inner Helper.

I ask, “Is there another way to see this?” and “What will be truly helpful to myself and another, right now?”

I trust that there is a Peace and Knowing that is greater than what I am thinking,

yet still within me.

Pausing resets my life

so I can have Peace, right here, right now.

Everyone, including me, is worthy of a Pause.

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365 Pause Practices – Day 172


Inspiration is longing to Inspire us—Let It.

Inspiration desires to Inspire our relationships—Let It.

How is Love revealing Love to you?

Are you pausing?

Are you listening?

Are you responding?

It is your pausinglistening and responding to 
Inspiration Within that is Being Truly Helpful
in all of your relationships.

This is the communication that heals, because
this is the communication that joins.

Ah, to be willing to let Inspiration Inspire my desires through my willingness to be fulfilled — To be free, in the peace of Inspiration.

from the Pause Golden Book, page 352

Click on the card above to see the front & back of the card.
You may also wish to print or order it.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 171


Is Now A Good Time To

Pause for Another Way?

What’s on your mind?

What’s stressing you out?

Is your heart heavy? 

Body stiff? Achy joints? Need to get up and move?

Are you bored?

Does something deep within need to change, but 

you don’t know what it is?

Maybe you do know what it is that needs to change,

but don’t know how or where to begin?

Maybe you are afraid to begin?

Perhaps begin with a Pause Practice?

Perhaps now?

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order to share with the world in need of a pause





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365 Pause Practices – Day 170


Nonsense, Fufu, Pollyanna B.S.

Fortune Teller Trickster

I can hear some people thinking, “These Pause emails are a bunch of nonsense. Wake up to the real world honey!” I understand that perspective. After all, that reflects the status quo woe of the cubicle mind feeling trapped in the darkness of a prison of its own making; desiring success as the world sees it, control freak, victim mentality, me wins-you lose stance etc.

This, I assure you from personal experience, is hell. 

I recall one particularly hellish day about 25 years ago. DROWNING IN MY CUBICLE MIND, not at all being a shopper, I went shopping to try and escape hell. Let’s just say, shopping is a temporary jailbreak while still in hell.

While thumbing my way through the clothes racks, some fanatic probably with good intentions sneaks up behind me and begins trying to sell me his story about how I am going to hell if I don’t see things how he sees things. Little did he know who I was, what I believed or not, or what was coming.

The Wicked Witch of the West climbed out from my cubicle mind, gave him that look, and said, “I’m in hell!” Frightened out of his pajamas he scurried to return to a woman appearing to be his personal go-to-hell trainer.

That’s what the cubicle mind is!
Your personal go to hell, stay in hell trainer.

The Real World Is More Real Than We
May Think

I can understand why some do not gravitate towards the reality of LOVE being present with us now, the practicality of WISDOM, and the usefulness of PEACE in everyday life, yet! 

I was once one of these. Meaning, even though I have always experienced the reality of Something Way More than this body- world ladder of success, get with the program routine, I wondered what this Way More experience had to do with my striving to pay the bills, excel in my work, get healthy, get through the day.

Something Way More and the demands of daily life never seemed to be on the same page!
I had to read two completely different “newspapers” to keep the dance going one foot in one world, the other in another

Eventually, this split me in half. OUCH! Yes, OUCH mentally, OUCH emotionally, OUCH physically, OUCH relationally, and let’s just say that everyday life required a lot of band-aids! I suffered on all levels


Practicing The Pause in my daily life gets me dancing One Sane Dance with both feet in. I fall from grace now and then, but grace scoops me off my feet carrying me across the rough patches, gently setting me back down and encouraging me to pause for Inspiration, again.


Because in the pause is the
Peace I seek, 
the healing I need, and
the Love of which I am worthy.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 169



In receiving all the gifts we have all been given we realize, recognize, and experience that we are being given all these gifts ~ and more, unceasingly ~ and that these gifts are now all ours to give;
and in our giving not one gift is lost, nor lessened in any way, and
in fact, our gifts expand exponentially,
for giving and receiving are one in the same.

In a moment today dashing down the stairs, I noticed my mind was dashing down too with negative judgments about myself. 
I chose to pause.
In the pause, willing to allow an inner shift to unfold, I was moved into a loving frame of mind before arriving at the bottom of the stairs.

In truly receiving these gifts I have been given I realize that these gifts are

truly now mine to give.
I can pause in stillness.
I can pause in motion.
I can reject a pause.
I can accept a pause.

A pause always remains within my reach, and with it,

peace of mind. 
~  ~  ~  

Giving and Receiving being One in the Same opens us to
our peace of mind.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 168


Being Truly Present
An Experience shared by Natalie, a Pause Crew Member

The other day I was standing at the sink washing my hands
when this truly peaceful feeling came over me.
I realized that I was experiencing a feeling of
being completely in the present moment.
I don’t know how to properly and fully describe it with words.
It was just in that moment
I found myself simply standing right where I was,
doing only what I was doing, washing my hands.
 My mind wasn’t revisiting past events
or feeling anxious and nervous about the future.
I was just there, nothing more. 
It is true that our minds may be a million miles away
and thinking through a million different things
as we go about our simple daily tasks.
We may rarely be truly present.

Pausing Helps Me to Be Present

I’m grateful for my daily Pause Practice.
It can be a moment-by-moment decision to Pause
depending on where I am or what I’m doing.
Pausing reveals my peaceful Inner Self
and I’m experiencing this more and more as a result.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 167


Stranger Danger or an Inspired Helper

A shared experience by Lisa, A Pause Crew Member

I was running errands on a super hot day. I was in and out of so many stores – I was done. I had one more stop – Party City. As I was leaving my car crossing the parking lot I see (and hear) a mother struggling with what looked to be an eight or nine-year-old boy.

Internally, I was thankful that I was not standing in the heat having an argument with my child. As I began to cross the parking lot happily on my way, I heard in my Heart∞Mind,
“You can help them. Share the Pause Practice.” 

WHAT?!?!? NO! It is hot, it has been a very long day, and I want to go home. 

Well, not this day! On this day, my Inner Wisdom guided me to do something that felt totally foreign and made me uncomfortable. As I tried to disregard what I was hearing and feeling I found myself back at my car opening the trunk, and pulling out the Pause For Your Helpful Self, Kid’s Can Pause, and Parent’s too! book and a couple of Pause cards.

I then walked over to the mother/son duo and the argument stopped as all eyes landed on me. I gave a quick hello and explanation of The Pause Practice. As I handed the mother the materials the boy grabbed the book and started to read it. Right there, before my eyes, he calmed down, smiled, and in a calm sweet manner asked for another book for his friend. Of course, I was going to honor his request! We walked back to my car and as I opened up the trunk he saw some dinosaur masks I had and said he really liked dinosaurs. I gave him the requested extra book and two masks – one for him and one for his friend. The mother looked me in the eyes, smiled, and gave me a heartfelt “thank you”.

In the store, I overheard the mother and son happily talking about the book, cards, and masks. No more arguing and I no longer felt like I had intruded on them.

I actually felt like I helped the mother and son and in turn, helped myself. 

In practicing The Pause and following the guidance given to me
– no matter how uncomfortable it felt 
I was able to help another and help myself. 





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365 Pause Practices – Day 166


Pausing in the Doctor’s Office

After pulling into the parking space at the dermatologist’s office, I used the
Pause Practice for guidance because I wanted a smooth, truly helpful visit. I paused about what questions to ask and I also paused for the doctor, that
she also listens and follows inner Wisdom. Sure enough, during the
procedure, I received a thought about not doing something that was in the treatment plan. A few seconds later she voiced what I was thinking! We
both agreed on what was the wisest approach. All is well.

Pause Rx
Take one pause as needed.
Unlimited refills.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 165


In Ways Seen and Unseen

trusting inner guidance

Today I decided to treat myself to a necklace that inner guidance has been encouraging me to buy for myself for a very long time. It was important that I give it as a gift to myself because it is a symbol of encouragement for me and a reminder to pause and ask for the LOVE that provides. I practice Pause a moment in my car before heading into the store because I don’t want to be pressured or pressure myself to buy something I don’t vibe with. 


I walk into this jewelry story to which I have never been and there are lots of sales clerks and my name is placed in the queue as I wait. Fairly soon a large man with lots of tattoos walks toward me saying, “Mary?” I see him and reply, “Yes!” “Hi, I’m Brendan. How can I help?” It isn’t but a moment before I realize this guy was heaven-sent; he was no doubt an answer to my pausing about buying this necklace. I told him what I was looking for and he shows me the one pendant they sell. Being it was a kind of faith-related necklace, right off he shows me the necklace he was wearing of St. Jude. “Oh my gosh, my mother taught me to pray to St. Jude as a little girl when I felt down and out because as you know, that’s his thing.” 
He did know and we laughed.
I knew I was in the right place, at the right time, with the right salesperson!
I felt my mom was there too helping me even though she passed on long ago.


Still unsure in my mind as to whether I dare buy myself this necklace, we wind up at another counter to look at various chains. In the glass case, a necklace catches my eye and I notice the pendant says, “Ruby.” I immediately remember a dream I had decades ago in which my parents, myself, and my higher Self appeared and her name was Ruby! It was one sign after another that I was supposed to purchase this necklace as a gift for myself.


If that wasn’t enough, Brendan begins talking about “The Hill” which is an old Italian neighborhood here in St. Louis whose streets are lined with Italian restaurants, bakeries, and churches . . . My family shopped on The Hill every Saturday when I was growing up. Finally, I pulled out my Pause Practice cards to share with him which he immediately resonated with and saw the value and need of pausing. This led him to share about going to his sister’s graduation from a healing school recently and her having studied meditation, healing, and massage therapy, and how cool his experience was of being there. I asked, “The Healing Arts Center?” “Yes, that’s it,” he replied. “I taught at that healing school for several years!” I laughed ~ and we laughed together. I am so grateful.

that Inspiration is everywhere at all times
because Inspiration is in our Inspired HeartMinds
Inspiration lives to help us with everything we are living through.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 164


A Monday Evening Pause

A Pause for Winding Down

with this breath I allow myself to slow down

with this breath, I notice my feelings about the day
I give these feelings space to breathe
with this breath, I notice any lingering thoughts about the day
I let these thoughts have room to breathe

open to my inner quiet
if there is some person, relationship, and/or situation 
that is drawing my attention, I allow myself to pause
and rest with my experience, whatever that is, appearing
negative, positive, unclear, conflicting, hopeful, or ________. 
I am willing to open to a Wisdom and Knowing greater than what
I am thinking, yet still within me; with this breath

follow the pause
I now invite this Wisdom and Knowing more deeply into my awareness;
as my breath softens and deepens, rest returns. As I lay my head upon my pillow tonight, I trust my sleep to Wisdom as I gently fall asleep





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