365 Pauses

365 Pause Practices Day 315


Acknowledging Our Veterans

Veterans I will never forget

sharing by mary

PAUSE was invited to share our Pause Practices with a local organization
serving veterans. In the middle of my sharing, one of the veterans
became unsettled and it grew into an angry, almost violent outburst. He
was clearly suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). No one
present reacted, rather we remained calm. He eventually sat down.

~ ~ ~

Years ago, as an occupational therapist, I was privileged to spend time
with a group of veterans living long-term in the Psychiatric Unit at
Jefferson Barracks Hospital. These men had been so traumatized they
could barely move, their facial expressions were numb. Yet, we stood
together in a circle, I led them through simple movements in a peaceful
way, being present with them, and they literally came alive. We moved
for 90 minutes!!! Joy Within was nudged and we let it ride. The social
worker who had worked there for many years was astounded saying,
“I’ve never seen anything like this. We usually can’t keep their attention
for more than a few minutes.”

Being with all of these veterans helped me to see the POWER OF

My father was in the Battle of the Bulge in WWII with the “Timberwolves”
104th Infantry. He was always pausing and
saying to me, “Mary, slow down.”

I’m still practicing Dad! Thanks for showing me the value of pausing
I love you.

Let us pause a moment and GIVE THANKS to
all the men and women who have served and
are now serving our country & their families.

~ ~ ~

Thank you for pausing for gratitude.





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365 Pause Practices Day 314


My Giant Garden Obelisk

Obelisk Defined: A tall structure with pyramidal top
used as garden decor and plant supports.
Shared by Natalie

My mom has a friend who is a woodworker and quite some time ago she ordered
a garden obelisk for my yard. I had forgotten about it, until it was delivered to my
house the other day…it’s over 6 feet tall!

The wood on the obelisk was bare and needed to be stained (or painted) and it
has all these spindles on it, which requires patience for the intricate parts.
Needless to say, I’ve been putting it off as the whole thing seemed a bit daunting.

Then, on my day off, Inspiration came to me in the afternoon, when the sun was
shining bright, and whispered in my ear that right now was the time to work on
my obelisk project. In that moment, I felt no push, no pull, no hindrance about it. I just gathered my gear and
Followed Inspiration’s gentle nudge.

It took me approximately 2 ½ hours to stain the obelisk and the time literally flew
by! This project, that I was dreading, ended up being
truly enjoyable.
Inspiration Within really has a way of lightening the load
when I choose to Follow.
I had no plans for doing this project that day,
but Inspiration knew when the timing was right.
All I need to do is remember
to Pause my mind, Listen, and Follow.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 166:
Inspiration Inspires a sense of effortlessness —
it is truly amazing, the things we can accomplish
without so much effort.
The cubicle self defines itself by how much it produces and pushes.
We can meet obligations and be responsible
and work productively with patience
while leaning into Inspiration as our strength.

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365 Pause Practices Day 313


Moving the Needle

“to shift the situation in some area, activity, sphere, etc. to a
noticeable degree”
Sharing by Mary

Are you looking for a helpful inner~outer helpful shift of some kind?
Perhaps ? ? ?

> Valuable ways to spend your time
> Being merciful with a person who doesn’t seem to deserve mercy
> Stepping out of your comfort zone
> Moving from strife to PEACE of MIND

As you pause, step back, and allow a shift into your Inspired Mind,
what inner and outer shifts are you sensing
that could be truly beneficial for you,
and possibly others as well?

Infinite ways to apply PAUSE.
Cooking to Calming to Creating to Collaborating!
I now know without a doubt that Practicing Pause IS
Moving the Needle in subtle ways. Incremental shifts in my
perception are creating significant valuable changes in how I live my life.

Practicing Pause in Your Daily Life Moves the Needle
away from the cubicle heart-mindset and
towards your Inspired Heart~Mind.

* I see things about myself that maybe I’d rather not see but need to see,
and I see incredible, beautiful, and deeply amazing things within my
True Self that it’s high time I see.

** Allowing myself to feel what I’m feeling so I don’t drop unfelt feelings
into some unsuspecting person’s lap (anger, irritability, frustration).

*** I am moved into action, literally. My body moves into meaningful
action. I speak up and take small steps that Move The Needle in a
purposeful, helpful way with my HEALTH, in RELATIONSHIPS, etc.

**** I am practicing setting down perceptions and behaviors that no longer serve.

~ Now, LOVE can flow more easily ~ In here, Out there ~

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365 Pause Practices Day 312


My Husband is my CUSTOMER!

…and I am his.

By Natalie

Steven worked from home a few days last week and I could overhear him
on some of his calls with clients. He really puts his best SELF forward for
his clients. He’s been working at the same company for 27+ years and he’s
knowledgeable and accommodating and Truly Helpful to his clients’ needs
and requests. I told him how nice it was to get a glimpse into his day and
to witness his Truly Helpful Self in action.

Then, he overheard me on the phone while I was working and told me I
sounded truly “lovely”. In this moment, we were reminded that
WE are each other’s CUSTOMERS
and this is an opportunity for us to make a choice to
bring our Truly Helpful Selves into our relationship with one another.
We can treat each other the way we treat our
favorite clients and customers!
We ALL want to be Inspired by one another.
We can Pause, Listen, and Follow
Inspiration Within to share our
Truly Helpful Selves with each other.


Click on the Pause card below to give it a try!
There’s nothing to lose
and only the potential to gain by trying it.

Shared by the Pause Golden Book, Page 103:
NOTICE TO ALL CUSTOMERS (that is you and me!)
If you live in this world, you do business in this world, it is the business of living
in the world. We are all customers in the business of living in the world.

One does not require training in customer service.
One requires willingness to Be Truly Helpful.

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365 Pause Practices Day 311


Asking Inspiration Within For Help

By Natalie

I do not have all the answers,
but sometimes I think I do.
When I think, “I got this”,
everything can go wrong in that moment.

Has this ever happened to you?
Before making a decision,
I can be willing to Pause and ask Inspiration Within,
“is there another way to see this?” and
“what will be truly helpful now?”
Inspiration Within can Help me
BE OPEN to Receiving Help and Giving Help.


Click on the Pause for Inspiration card below
to Give it a Try.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 34:

Open in your willingness. Open in your willingness not to close.
How many ways do you close? There are just as many ways to open.

Opening to Inspiration’s Help is your safety,
security and ultimate freedom.

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365 Pause Practices Day 310


A Matter of the Heart

sharing & photo by mary

Inspiration Inspires a knowing — this knowing happens because we are
experiencing integration; we have moved from “understanding” a part
of something to experiencing the whole. How does this happen?
Through doing; that is, it is one thing to read, study and talk about
something, like listening and following Inspiration for example, yet it is
the actual practice of listening to and following Inspiration that brings
the experience of wholeness and peace.

As we practice Pausing for Inspiration, we see its value as we
experience its value. We experience our value. This experience of
wholeness is integration. It may be revealed to us as a peaceful inner
knowing that does not require explanation or justification, it simply is, we
know it is and that is all that matters …

it is a matter of the HEART.
Pause Golden Book, page 167
The Qualities of Inspiration








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365 Pause Practices Day 309


Saturday Evening Pause

Wrestling With LOVE

sharing & photo by mary

What does it mean to wrestle with LOVE? It is to enter into a relationship
with This LOVE ~ Getting to know This LOVE. Who is This LOVE?
What is This LOVE? What does This LOVE have to do with you,
your relationships and your life and the world?


There will come a time in your life when you will want to know
who you truly are. LOVE has the answer to that question ~
it is freely given you.
You will not be willing to receive that answer without putting
up a fight. Herein is the true transformation through LOVE.

the question is this

If a child is having a nightmare, do you lock them inside their room
to bear the nightmare alone or do you enter with the strong hand
of LOVE to calm the fear?
When you enter with LOVE a whole battalion enters with LOVE.
When you enter with fear, you enter alone.
Which is stronger?

Inspiration Within has the answers. We have to choose to
ask the questions, listen, and follow.

The choice is always ours.
Let Inspiration Guide.
Pause Golden Book, pages 36 ~ 37

A Practice In Love

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365 Pause Practices Day 308


I Need More than a Crowbar

~ I Need to Pause! ~

A Story Shared by Myron, a person Practicing the Pause.

Recently, I was helping my brother take apart a stand
he had made years ago for his BBQ grill. It was a beautiful, heavy-duty
stand made with 2×4 boards, plywood on all four sides and had screws
throughout holding it all together.

Taking the stand apart was no small feat. It was held together well
and wasn’t coming apart easily even though I was using
a crowbar to disassemble it! I struggled and fought with it
for quite some time and only got the sides taken off,
so I decided to sit down and rest, tired and frustrated.
As I sat there, I remembered I can Pause! 

I began Pausing my mind.
I took a couple deep breaths,
quieting my mind,
and relaxing in that moment.

I Paused for a little while and assessed my work.
When I began again, the boards were still set quite firmly in place,
but as I worked slowly and more deliberately,
they started to come apart much easier.
It was like Inner Wisdom showed me exactly
where to place my crowbar so that it would be most helpful.
I was finally able to get the BBQ grill apart!

After Pausing, I realized
that I didn’t have to continue stumbling.
I got out of my own way!
It was great!
I’m grateful for remembering
to Pause in this moment!

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Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 166:

Inspiration is Effortless
and in being so
is much more productive
than cubicle efforting.

Cubicle efforting is fatiguing
because it is all about control.

Inspiration’s effortless strength
is sustaining
because it isn’t fighting.
This does not mean
that we don’t work – it does mean
that we allow
Inspiration to work with us





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365 Pause Practices Day 307


Letting My Self Be Moved…

By Natalie

       The holiday season is quickly approaching and we’re having family
and friends over to our house for Thanksgiving this year. It has been
quite a number of years since we’ve had more than a few people over
for the big meal, so I’m beginning to plan the menu now. However, this
year, I’m Being Moved to Listen to Inspiration Within, as I desire
to Pause and remember to relax and enjoy the process.

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays,
but it can quickly become a whirlwind of to-do’s
with very little relaxing taking place.

I’m Being Moved to enjoy spending time
with our guests more than anything!


I’m Pausing and asking INSPIRATION WITHIN
for Help along the way.

I’m Being Moved to Follow Inspiration’s Guidance
this holiday season.

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and see the front & back of the card.
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Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 218:


…the lightness of a cloud,
the strength of the tide,
the one-pointedness of an arrow,
the everywhereness of the sky,
the swiftness of lightning,
and the lingering of an eagle in flight.

Inspiration is moving through every point
in space and all of the space in between —

In time and timelessness.
Inspiration is moving through you…

Let Your Self Be Moved —





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365 Pause Practices Day 306


Wednesday Willingness

sharing by mary . . . have fun

No one can have your experience for you. We can read all kinds of books,
attend all kinds of seminars, conferences, and workshops, and
belong to special communities, but it is your willingness to open to
your experience of Inspiration Within that transforms.
Eventually, we all have to put our feet to the road.

Pause Golden Book, page 278  

TODAY when you text, email, or have a conversation, in a relationship,
activity, situation, or circumstance, YOU CAN Practice The Pause of

Let your Inner Wisdom Help & INspire you today.






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