365 Pauses

365 Pause Practices – Day 165


In Ways Seen and Unseen

trusting inner guidance

Today I decided to treat myself to a necklace that inner guidance has been encouraging me to buy for myself for a very long time. It was important that I give it as a gift to myself because it is a symbol of encouragement for me and a reminder to pause and ask for the LOVE that provides. I practice Pause a moment in my car before heading into the store because I don’t want to be pressured or pressure myself to buy something I don’t vibe with. 


I walk into this jewelry story to which I have never been and there are lots of sales clerks and my name is placed in the queue as I wait. Fairly soon a large man with lots of tattoos walks toward me saying, “Mary?” I see him and reply, “Yes!” “Hi, I’m Brendan. How can I help?” It isn’t but a moment before I realize this guy was heaven-sent; he was no doubt an answer to my pausing about buying this necklace. I told him what I was looking for and he shows me the one pendant they sell. Being it was a kind of faith-related necklace, right off he shows me the necklace he was wearing of St. Jude. “Oh my gosh, my mother taught me to pray to St. Jude as a little girl when I felt down and out because as you know, that’s his thing.” 
He did know and we laughed.
I knew I was in the right place, at the right time, with the right salesperson!
I felt my mom was there too helping me even though she passed on long ago.


Still unsure in my mind as to whether I dare buy myself this necklace, we wind up at another counter to look at various chains. In the glass case, a necklace catches my eye and I notice the pendant says, “Ruby.” I immediately remember a dream I had decades ago in which my parents, myself, and my higher Self appeared and her name was Ruby! It was one sign after another that I was supposed to purchase this necklace as a gift for myself.


If that wasn’t enough, Brendan begins talking about “The Hill” which is an old Italian neighborhood here in St. Louis whose streets are lined with Italian restaurants, bakeries, and churches . . . My family shopped on The Hill every Saturday when I was growing up. Finally, I pulled out my Pause Practice cards to share with him which he immediately resonated with and saw the value and need of pausing. This led him to share about going to his sister’s graduation from a healing school recently and her having studied meditation, healing, and massage therapy, and how cool his experience was of being there. I asked, “The Healing Arts Center?” “Yes, that’s it,” he replied. “I taught at that healing school for several years!” I laughed ~ and we laughed together. I am so grateful.

that Inspiration is everywhere at all times
because Inspiration is in our Inspired HeartMinds
Inspiration lives to help us with everything we are living through.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 164


A Monday Evening Pause

A Pause for Winding Down

with this breath I allow myself to slow down

with this breath, I notice my feelings about the day
I give these feelings space to breathe
with this breath, I notice any lingering thoughts about the day
I let these thoughts have room to breathe

open to my inner quiet
if there is some person, relationship, and/or situation 
that is drawing my attention, I allow myself to pause
and rest with my experience, whatever that is, appearing
negative, positive, unclear, conflicting, hopeful, or ________. 
I am willing to open to a Wisdom and Knowing greater than what
I am thinking, yet still within me; with this breath

follow the pause
I now invite this Wisdom and Knowing more deeply into my awareness;
as my breath softens and deepens, rest returns. As I lay my head upon my pillow tonight, I trust my sleep to Wisdom as I gently fall asleep





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365 Pause Practices – Day 163


Hope is Alive in Inspiration

Shared by Natalie, a Pause Crew Member

My passport expired last year and renewals were handled online and through the mail, so in November I sent my expired passport and the necessary personal documents to the passport processing center to request a new passport.

I don’t know about you, but sending personal documents in the mail causes me to Pause and Hope that all will arrive safely to its destination. 

Things didn’t go exactly as I’d hoped.

But, I will say that when I Paused about it,

I realized that it was out of my control

and that I had to wait to see how it would all play out.

Another opportunity to Pause

and get out of my own way.

I was reassured by Inspiration Within that all would work out.
Surprisingly, I felt relaxed.

The good news is that the passport processing center did receive my package and they did send my new passport out. The problem is I never received it.

After several calls to the USPS I was finally told that

it had been returned to sender in error. I Pause.

Then, I called the passport processing center and

they told me they never received it. I Pause, again.

A new renewal had to be ordered,

which I eventually received, so all is well.  

And then this week a miracle happened….

I received the original package that contained

my personal documents and the original new passport.

I’m so grateful.

I find it comforting to Pause.

To stop the inner chatter about all that could go wrong and

to Listen and Receive Inspiration Within that already knows all will be well.


Step Back

Step Aside and

Let Inspiration Guide

In the Midst of Everyday Life!

Click on the card above to see the front and back of the card.
You may also wish to print or order it. 





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365 Pause Practices – Day 162


photo by mary lenihan

Being You

Fill in the blank with your name as you say

Being __________

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

What Is It To Be You? 

How Will You Find Out?

A late afternoon walk through our neighborhood on this blessed not-so-hot June day, I hear Inspiration whisper, “Being Mary”. This is not the first time I have heard this call. “What does that mean?” I ask the spirit of Wisdom, “Being Mary”. Reaching the end of the road I am on, I turn the corner. What I see is a long alleyway ahead. Usually, I turn again and follow my usual route home, but today I am drawn to walk the entire alleyway while contemplating the words, “Being Mary”.

As I do, it is as if I am looking through a lens. I see my true Self expressing itself through movement and being with others willing to explore their true nature by letting the spirit of LOVE guide and direct their body while in motion. Literally Being Moved from an inner Expanse ~ a Vast Presence.

Joy Rises and I Know It’s Real.

Funny really, because this is WHAT PAUSE TRULY IS ABOUT!

(not my experience of moving in the pause, but)

Being willing to

literally, Be Moved, to encounter this Vast View in one’s

everyday life in the world. 

To see through the lens of the Vast View.

This is how I find out what it is to be who I am truly.

What Is It To Be Who I Am Truly?

Being _______

 I encourage you to not let this opportunity pass, to ask this question or other questions that you are guided by your inner Wisdom to ask. To contemplate with Inspiration, “Being______”. I hope for you and for all of us, that we can each pause and ask the wise questions and listen for the wise answers that arise within; because they will arise. 





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365 Pause Practices – Day 161


Abundant Love

Shared by Natalie, a Pause Crew Member

Maybe you’re like me and you find there’s things that get left unsaid. Loving words that could have made things better between myself and others, that could have allowed me to show how much I care for the other person. Words and phrases that may seem simple, yet can be quite impactful in my relationships:

I’m sorry

my mistake

let me help you

let me fix this for you

I could have been more patient

I could have been more gracious

You can go first

I love you

It’s okay

I care about you

Why do we sometimes withhold this love?

When I ask myself this question the answer shows up as ego (possibly fear, selfishness, and/or insecurity). 

When I Pause . . .

  • I am reminded to choose Peace and Connection above all else.
  • I’m better able to hear, and then Listen, to the Inspired guidance that is Within me for the right words to say in the moment. 
  • My Inner Teacher inspires me to share less of what is on my cubicle mind, and more of what is in my pure and loving heart, to share that which is helpful to myself and others for understanding and connection.
  • I Receive Wisdom that guides me to the abundant love Within that can be freely given to all.

No Effort. No Force.

Just Pause.

All else will Follow.

Click on the card above to see the front & back of the card.
You may also wish to print or order it. 





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365 Pause Practices – Day 160


Life is a series of moments. 

How’s your moment going?

Pause Goldenbook ~ Download for free now

Need a Pause?

The fact that all of the Pause Practices can be practiced in the moment and there are no special circumstances required is only one of the reasons why the Pause Practices are immensely powerful tools for a transformation; a change of mind;
from unhelpful to helpful,

chaotic to peaceful,

stressed to relaxed,

bored to creative

No special room or place is required.

No special clothing is required.

No special body position is required.

Closing your eyes is not required.

Being with only certain people is not required.

Waiting until you are done doing what you’re doing is not required.

Finding time to fit it into your schedule is not required.

Pause was created to be applied:
applied wherever you are
applied no matter what you are wearing
applied whether you’re sitting, standing, lying, walking, running . . .
applied open-eyed
applied with whomever you are with
applied whatever you are doing while doing it
applied in your mind so it requires no extra time.

Apply pause in any communication, relationship, activity,
situation, and/or circumstance.
Pause your mind before, during, and after!





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365 Pause Practices – Day 159


Knowing Our Path?

It seems that when it comes to peace of mind, so many of us want a quick fix, an instant high, an immediate resolution, an easy way, and to be spoon-fed by someone else, rather than taking the time and doing what is ours to do
to come to realize true peace. 

Twenty years ago in one of the thousands of inner conversations, I have had since I was a little girl with Inner Wisdom, the spirit of LOVE, I asked about how to help myself and those who appear lost or endlessly searching for peace,
but never finding. 

Here’s a nugget of one conversation:

I asked, “How can I help those who are seeking and never finding?”

WISDOM: By seeing them differently, for who they truly are.

I asked, “How do I do what is mine to do? How do I go the way?”

WISDOM: Seamlessly walk in LOVE.

I asked, “Seamlessly?” What is seamlessly?”

We cannot know the path until we take it.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 158



a day without caffeine

So, in yesterday’s post, I shared how in my pausing inner wisdom guided me to give up caffeine! The nerve!!! What? Yesterday, I decided to FOLLOW THE INSPIRATION given (still hanging in there today). It was my first day without caffeine and I have to admit it was a good day.

Here are a few ways I experienced a wiser day and saner moments:

  • relaxed and focused after breakfast to deal with work communications, instead of damming the person who made up texting
  • inspired in my morning pause, to do some gentle stretching instead of sitting so long waiting for the caffeine to kick in my body gets stiff
  • instead of jumping on the computer, I was guided to exercise first
  • rather than having lunch alone, I had a wonderfully relaxing lunch with coworkers and drank water instead of iced tea (in the past I may have
  • canceled my lunch plans to get more work done; plus I had a fun, peaceful lunch with my coworkers – I’m still laughing)
  • gave myself permission to send out yesterday’s Pause post later than usual; an evening pause has its merits
  • now heading on a business call relaxed and alert instead of having
  • my usual 4 pm energy slump
  • more patient
  • and also at the end of the day, last evening I began winding down for
    sleep a bit earlier – MIRACLE

and follow





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365 Pause Practices – Day 157


A Monday Evening Pause

slowing down before gearing up

I usually start Monday mornings like I am off to the races and have super productive Mondays. I get loads of stuff done!


I gave up caffeine. LOLOLOL. Yesterday, I felt tired after my morning coffee and paused to ask “What’s up with this?” My inner Wisdom guided me to give up caffeine. We shall see.

Sitting today in my morning Pause Practice drinking my decaf coffee, I noticed I was a bit more slowed down than usual and I began to wonder if the reason I engage in some activities, make certain plans and commitments, and prioritize my day the way I do, is driven more by caffeine and not necessarily by what might be a wiser way to go about my day!

I am not suggesting quitting your job, neglecting responsibilities, becoming a sloth, or even giving up caffeine! Rather, practice what I observed myself practicing today:


from my usual routine


from the way I tell myself I should go about my day


lay the welcome mat for inner Wisdom to step in to help me
with my daily routine, asking, 
“Is there a wiser way to see this day?”
“What would be a truly helpful way to go about my day?


be willing to be open to changing my mind 
about scheduling, routine, prioritizing, and planning my day.

As a result of practicing this Pause, I am having a day
guided by my wise inner voice,
instead of being ruled by my off to the races pressure building voice. YAY!




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365 Pause Practices – Day 156


Moving Through Fear

not allowing a sense of inadequacy to stop you from
being and doing your part

I am letting fear stop me from moving forward with deep, joyful inspiration. Have you ever let fear stop you?

My whole being comes to life as this inspiration shows up yet again as I “Practice The Pause”.
It is not a new inspiration, but rather a recurring inspiration over decades.
Something I have delved into quite deeply in fact in the past but stopped myself from exploring in an even greater depth because I let fear stop me.

I have been asking for Inspiration ~ All~Encompassing LOVE, to remove this fear so that I can resume what I know are gifts or tools I am Given to use to be truly helpful, for healing myself and others. 

What gifts or tools have you been Given that are awaiting your willingness to move through fear? In other words, doubt, a sense of inadequacy, or maybe shame and worry,
that you may be experiencing.

The other morning in a pause, after bouts of leaping joy last week having been prompted once again to take steps to move forward, I sat with a one-pointed focus on Inspiration, asking for help. I received surprising direction from my inner Wisdom:

Mary, if you are waiting for Me to remove your fear, you will be kept waiting, for I am not going to remove your fear. I am asking you to trust Me as you move through the fear. You must move through the fear, feel the fear, the doubt, the sense of inadequacy, negative self-sabotaging thoughts, and feelings of unworthiness- all of it. I am with you as you move through the fear,
but I am waiting for
you to move through the fear with Me.
Are you not curious about what is on the other side of fear?

WHOA. It doesn’t stop there. I am now aware that in the past I have tried to move through fear with my willpower; that won’t work, at least not to serve the ultimate purpose of the Inspiration I received. Willpower will not serve us in reaching what is truly possible for us which is often beyond our imagination.

I am now being called to practice relying on the strength of ALL~ENCOMPASSING LOVE; to
trust not the limitations and weakness of my willpower; but rather to
TRUST the strength of this inner Wisdom.

WHEW! Now I am really enthusiastic about using the tools
giving the gifts I have been given and receiving more Love in the process.






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