365 Pauses

365 Pause Practices Day 325


Experiments in Willingness

By Natalie

I have experienced comfort when I’ve taken a moment to Pause.
Pausing can bring a calm to my mind that has the potential to help me
choose words and actions that are Helpful, Loving, and Kind.

But I have to be WILLING to Practice
the first step: Pause.

~ Begin with a one moment Pause. Rest. ~

My Willingness to Pause can open the door
to Receiving Inner Wisdom
in the moment and throughout my day.

Do you want to experience Peace and calm in the moment?
Click on the card below when you are Willing
and try it for Yourself.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 207:

Being open to all possibilities inside this moment.
Simple Question. Simple Answer. Simply Say:
We Will NEVER Be Given More INSPIRATION Than We Can Handle

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365 Pause Practices Day 324


Inspired Hair Care Program

Shared by Natalie

I haven’t had my hair professionally cut, colored, & styled in almost 12 years. I’ve
been doing it myself, but I have really missed the self-care of going to a salon.
Highlighting my hair and trying to cut it evenly has been a challenge to do on my own.

After Pausing on this decision for about a month, I heard from Inspiration Within
to go to the Spa at my full-service gym. I attempted to make an appointment
on their fitness app, but I noticed that I was looking at the profiles of two stylists
and judging their ability to be sensitive to my needs based on their appearances.
Knowing this was NOT HELPFUL, I decided that I needed to Pause some more!!

The next time I went to the gym, I was guided by Inspiration Within to stop into
the salon and talk with them about an appointment. I spoke with the
manager who knew exactly which stylist I needed to see
and we set up an appointment for the same day!

And guess what? I enjoyed every aspect of the appointment and I
also loved the stylist. The whole experience was Truly Amazing.

I’m so glad I Paused and then Paused again!!

Inspiration Within is Infinitely Flowing,
whether I’m aware of it or not.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 87:
Inspiration flows freely through
the Inspiring Self Hearts and Minds of ALL —
we need only pay attention.

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365 Pause Practices Day 323


We Can’t Give What

We Don’t Have

sharing by mary

As I was waking up one morning, I heard deep Within in my Inspiring Heart~Mind,

“You must let Me give to you, before you

can give to them.”

Until we are willing to RECEIVE the PEACE of INSPIRATION, we truly have NOTHING TO GIVE.

Pause Golden Book, page 282

click on card to Receive PEACE

OPEN the Pause Golden Book to any page and





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365 Pause Practices Day 322


Today and everyday

Shared by Lisa

Today I decided to Pause and review how I want my day to go
and how I am going to reply to those I encounter and
interact with today.

Instead of replying automatically to emails and texts right
after reading them, I am going to Pause and ask
for another way to reply.

Instead of replying with canned answers, I am going
to get out of my own way and listen to My Inner Wisdom
for guidance on how to reply in a helpful manner.

Instead of looking upon this day as just another day “to get
through”, I am going to follow my Inspiration Within and
let the day unfold in a peaceful and helpful way.

There is nothing that I cannot apply the Pause Practice to – so I am applying it to my entire day!

Pause Golden Book page 96

Today is your day
And it does not end here.
While in your Inspired Mind
The horizon becomes clear.
Being present in this moment
There is no past to fear,
Inspiration’s Presence in this moment
Is also in your future, dear friends.

So, Pause, Step back, Step aside too, And Let Inspiration Guide. 

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365 Pause Practices Day 321


Connecting with Playfulness & Joy

By Natalie

Recently, I took my dog for an early morning walk as it was lightly snowing. The beauty
around us was exhilarating. As we walked, we came across two children playing in their
front yard. The little boy excitedly exclaimed, “I can see my footsteps in the snow!!”
We all began to laugh together and, in that moment, I became so delighted by his
child-like wonder.
It was Truly Inspiring!

I took a moment to PAUSE and
asked Inspiration Within to Help me connect
with my inner playfulness,
to experience moments
of child-like wonder, and True Joy.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 57:

Awareness of being in union with LOVE
brings you back to LIFE.
and Experience TRUE JOY.

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365 Pause Practices Day 320


Our Children Are Asking for Help

Sharing by Mary

Photo: Teaching Pause to Elementary School Students


These experiences in children and adults are inner experiences so they can
go unnoticed or are often misinterpreted by others. A person may not realize
that what they are experiencing is anxiety. They may think it’s “normal” so
they put up with it. Or, they feel that there’s something wrong with them, and
fear reaching out to talk with someone.
The result is things are left untreated and the consequences, well, we are
seeing the repercussions all around us.

1) Schools are gearing up for testing all students for anxiety using a
standardized Anxiety Scale because anxiety is on the rise in our kids.

A recent study by Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
and Chicago Children’s Hospital reports:

2) Emergency rooms are reporting that they are seeing a 59% increase
in kids, ages 5 – 19, saying they are having suicidal thoughts.

3) Hospitalizations of kids with suicidal thoughts have increased by 57%.


Kids sense and feel what is going on around them in their environment,
in their bodies, the atmosphere within their family (including their
parent’s relationship), changing times with friends, and in the world.

Yes, kids are resilient AND they are developing, growing, questioning,
wondering, seeking belonging, and concerned for their safety.

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Together we can all do our part for
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Thank you,
The Pause Crew

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365 Pause Practices Day 319


 Shared from the Pause Golden Book, page 33

How does one listen to Inspiration Within?

Practice the following now:

Pause your mind. Be still on the inside.
Still your body if needed.

Express your willingness to open to
Inspiration Within: “I am willing.”

Allow Awareness to shift to
Inspiration’s Presence within you.

Rest with a One-Pointed focus
on This Presence. Receive.

Listen and Follow This Wisdom
revealing itself to you.

If you become distracted,


Notice you are distracted.


Return to your willingness to rest in your

One-Pointed focus on Inspiration Within.

Listen and Follow.





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365 Pause Practices Day 318


A Choice to Pause

Wherever I am, Whatever I am Doing,
whomever I am With

By Natalie

When I decide to Pause for Inspiration in the midst of everyday life,
I find that I can be Present in that moment.
Being Present, for myself and others, is Truly an act of Love.
It’s peaceful, pure, innocent, fresh, and
open to unlimited opportunities in that moment.

I can rely on Inspiration Within
to consistently supply what is Truly Helpful.

The Choice is Always Mine.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Pages 35-36:

The Choice Can Also Be Yours

You Choose. You choose whether or not to follow Inspiration’s
moment-to-moment calling within you
. Be present to this Peace and you will
naturally be drawn into it. Follow this Peace and see where it leads you – on
the inside
. It is a fact that simply by your following Peace in the quiet of your mind, it is being extended.

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365 Pause Practices Day 317



my brother and friends

william lenihan ~ guitar
ave weckl ~ drums
tom kennedy ~ bass guitar
jay oliver ~ keyboards
video snippet of “Both Sides Now”

Wishing I had a video of this entire concert to share with you. Hearing these
guys play was a transcendent experience I don’t think I will ever forget.
That is how moved I was and still am. I have been listening to my brother play
music since he was seven years old and picked up the accordion and
listening to all these truly amazing musicians since I was 17! Decades later
and the Inspiration continues to flow as they each share their Inspired gifts
throughout the world.

Yet, this experience was unique and I imagine, perhaps, because I am in a
different place ~ my mind clearer, my heart more healed,
reer to be ~ and open to being moved by the Presence of Inspiration.

Truly listening and being willing to receive all that was being given,
while letting my body move the grooves, I described this
experience afterward as:

The Memory of LIFE

This is the power of Inspiration. It reminds us and instills in us
the memory of LIFE itself, in the broadest sense of the word,

I am grateful for LIFE and all of the Pauses for Inspiration I am
willing to experience in my day, through which I am
Restored, Renewed, and Reinvigorated
by LIFE within, and in our midst.

Sharing by Mary

LEFT VIDEO: Both Sides Now snippet ~ Written by Joni Mitchell
RIGHT VIDEO: While My Guitar Gently Weeps snippet ~ Written by George Harrison





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365 Pause Practices Day 316


Saturday Evening Pause

Your True Self is Your Greatest Gift

Sharing by Mary

What Stops You from Living from Your True Self?

We can see ourselves as a burden to others when we share our True Self.
We are embarrassed to share who we truly are. It is as if we are
interrupting someone’s plans or taking up their time or being offensive in
some way. These perceptions are obstacles to extending the Gift of You.

It may seem implausible to be thinking in this way, however,
I can see my True Self as an obstacle, thus
a burden to myself and others, as opposed to a gift to be
given away freely.

It is the ego self (this me-character we make up), that sees our True Self,
our Inspired Heart~Mind, as a burden. The ego gets that it does not
stand a chance against the free will of your True Self which is LOVE itself.
So it instills a desire to use your “passions”, but for all the wrong reasons.
Hence, eventually, our passions become burdensome. This is why so many
people who pursue their “passion” fall beneath the weight of the ego’s desires.

We can fall beneath the weight of desires in our seeking an ego boost. But
such a “boost” is fleeting and often followed by a letdown because it’s
never enough. The fulfillment of ego desires is not the fulfillment we seek.

Your True Self, who you are in LOVE, is a TRUE GIFT as it is a
means of expressing LOVE and extending HEALING
in the world.

~ Inspiration Mary received in 2002 ~







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